The Author

Ademola Morebise is on a mission to shape Society, influence national economies and BUILD formidable institutions that will take Africa to the next level. Enterprises based on Innovation and Excellence.

Ademola Morebise is a multiple award winning Inventor, Formidable Business Partner, Change Agent and Serial Start-up Entrepreneur that loves solving problems profitably.

Ademola Morebise builds tech driven companies and trains Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Business owners on how to build systems that rapidly scale their business into formidable multi-million Naira empires. Without wasting time and money on things that don’t work.

M (He insists we all call him that) has built a career in creating tech and business systems for over 10 years already. M is a doer and this reflects in the volume and quality of works he has personally churned out over the years.

Among other things, he is currently building a business platform to support and empower 100, 000 business owners across Nigeria with the knowledge, strategy, templates, tech systems and services they need to double… even triple their influence, impact and revenue while been able to fully account for their business.

M stands tall among others in his field because he has an edge that comes from working and teaching based on original, home grown research driven and data backed methodologies.

This experiential knowledge allows him to work with Thinkers, Decision makers, Influencers, Change Agents and Entrepreneurs; helping them grow their influence, increase their impact and explode their income.

If you are one of those that has grown weary of the mediocrity in the society, you will find his mission of “excellence, productivity and industrial development” relevant and useful.

His work has won him several awards including:
• National Youth Award nomination for ICT innovation in 2011
• Taiwo Bankole Award for most innovative idea in 2012
• #YTech100 – A shortlist of 100 most innovative minds working in Nigeria’s technology industry for 3 years in a row: 2014, 2015, and 2016.

As an agent of change, M has spent a great chunk of his personal resources over the last 5 years into empowering young people with critical life skills, ICT skills, and business skills for free. His many initiatives including CodeDrive, DesignDrive, BusinessDrive and now; Business Builders Hangout and The BUILD Hackathon has reached over 5,000 people across South-Western Nigeria.

His articles, instructional videos and daily podcast (Your Daily Starter) reaches tens of thousands of people every week. Keeping them informed on critical updates about the global economy and helping his audience to develop the skills they need to stay ahead and experience sustainable breakthroughs in their life and business.

Ademola Morebise is the Founder of IIS Global, a platform for intellectual and entrepreneurial development that is raising Inventors and Entrepreneurs that will take Africa to the next level. He is also the Founder of Omnific Works, where he leads a team of amazing people that design and create simple but powerful tech products that greatly enhances the way people live, work and play.

Ademola Morebise’s hobbies are thinking and spreading constructive ideas. He is on a personal mission to change the world and people around him “byte by byte”.