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This book is dedicated TO YOU.

On your shoulders rests an assignment… something like a national project, but you are currently weak and too tired to receive it. I hope this book strengthens you and helps you find your feet, we are counting on you.


Table Of Contents


Dedication. 5

Foreword. 10

Introduction: Read This First For Context. 13


CHAPTER ONE: Secret Origin Of Creativity And Invention. 23

What Is The Formulae For Unlocking Fresh Insights?. 26

Gods Among Men. 35

God Always Sends A Man. 50

An Apostle Of Healing?. 56

Apostles of Creativity And Witty Inventions?. 63


CHAPTER TWO: The Transformative Power Of Creativity And Invention. 81

What does it mean to be spiritual?. 85

What is the difference between playing religion and been spiritual?. 87

How do we go from religiosity to spirituality?. 89

The Hallmarks Of A Spiritual People. 95

Moving Beyond Spirituality For The Sake Of Spirituality. 103

Transmutation Of Spiritual Wisdom Into Workable Technology. 111


CHAPTER THREE: Global Scale Inventions: In The Footsteps Of Noah. 118

How do you build a boat?. 120

The man called Noah. 124

Inventing the Ark. 126


CHAPTER FOUR: Bezalel – Master of Technology. 136


CHAPTER FIVE: Songs, Poems, Books Or Engines Of Work?. 146

Expressions And Suppressions Of Your Creativity And Inventiveness. 152

Why Creative And Inventive Visions Die Unsung. 158

Excellence, If Not Now, When?. 164

Persistent Concentration. 166


CHAPTER SIX: Man Like George Washington Carver. 173

George Washington Carver — From The Son Of A Slave To A Great American Scientist 176

The Man That Talked With The Flowers….. 185

Will God Show You Secrets?. 194


CHAPTER SEVEN: Your Invitation. 205


Appendix A. 209


Book Credits. 221



I am so excited to write the forward for this book: Unleash Your Inventions: The Secret Origin Of Creativity And Inventions by Ademola Morebise. This book is coming out at the most appropriate time in the history of humanity. At a time when it is most needed.

I pray that everyone that is reading the book will find it a great opportunity to be part of the generation that God is raising up very shortly, a generation of inventors and creators and also to launch themselves into the new realm of creativity that God wants to unleash upon the earth in our time.

Majority of what you have as instruments, gadgets, equipment, machines, electronics, smartphones, apps and computers today, they look exciting but in a very short while, they will become obsolete and when they are obsolete, it is those who have launched into creativity and invention of whatever God has put into their spirit that will start ruling and reigning the world.

That is why it is important to get involved in this spirit of creativity and invention right now. God bringing this out will help you to be part of these things, because if this book gets into your hand, I believe you are part of that generation of inventors and creators.

Incidentally, when I laid hold on this book, I finished reading it the same day. The next day I received an email from the great evangelist; Dr Morris Cerullo as a partner to his ministry. In the partner’s email Dr Morris Cerullo wrote that God had started speaking to him about the year 2020, revealing to him that it is going to be a year of inventions.

Wow! I concluded that this could not be a coincidence; God is planning inventions from year 2020 and then Ademola Morebise is publishing this book right now—2019 going to 2020—and named it UNLEASH YOUR INVENTIONS. This means something is happening in the spirit realm, only for those who are sensitive to pick it.

So, I pray that as you read the book, it is going to help you bring out what God has put inside your spirit.

Thank you and God bless you.

Rev. Olufemi Louis Ogundare,

President, Cloven Tongues Of Fire Ministry

Introduction: Read This First For Context

Hello Friend,

Thank you for checking out my book. There are literally thousands of other things you could be doing with your time right now, for you to choose to spend it reading this book, I appreciate you.

First things first, I am not yet an acclaimed inventor. I do not have any invention to my name as at the time of writing this book. I rather consider myself to be a learner and a reporter, I am learning a lot about inventors and inventions, then happy to report back to you.

It is not like I do not have achievements of mine to boast about. I have plenty of bragging rights: I was nominated in 2011 for a National Youth Award for ICT innovation by the Nigerian Ministry of Youth. For 3 consecutive years, I was shortlisted as one of the hundred most innovative minds working in the Nigerian tech scene. A list backed by one of Africa’s most innovative bank; GTBank. I have won a lot of awards and recognition for my work.

So, I have quite the track record of creativity and innovation spanning over a decade. I developed a social networking platform (named Gistcaster) when I was just eighteen years old! As a 300 level student of Physics Electronics at the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), South-Western Nigeria, I developed an interest-based, location-aware, SMS longcode newsletter system which I named g160. We went on to sign up over 3,000 students within 3 weeks of launching that.

I was a “superstar”, however, I count that all as inconsequential when I compare it with what lies ahead of me. There are so much more inventive ideas I am nursing within me that will announce me to my generation than the little I might have done already.

Right now, I am building a digital technology-enabled platform to empower 100, 000 business owners across Africa and enable them to build profitable, formidable businesses.

While I agree with your objection that only an Inventor should write a book boldly titled Unleash Your Inventions: The Secret Origin Of Creativity And Inventions, I also think there is great value in what I am about to share with you as you might learn a thing or two from it.

It is just like back in my school days, when I would attend tutorials organised by my colleagues who had done some extra hours of study ahead of me and could teach me within two hours what they had stayed up all night trying to figure out.

I could learn from them even though we were both undergraduate students. I learnt a lot from them even though they were not yet certified as Physicists. I got value from those tutorials because they helped me figure out the course contents faster, and they also got value because you learn more when you teach others.

Similarly, this book is likely to save you thousands of hours of research on your own journey towards becoming an inventor, and I will also get value because it takes a lot of clarity and discipline to write a book and publishing this book will no doubt make me a better person all round.

You win. I win.

My REAL goal with this book is to start a conversation about creativity and invention. I think it is important to start that conversation because I firmly believe that we need fresh approaches to solving the problems in the society. You must exhibit creativity and inventiveness if you will survive in the long term. That is what makes you ever-relevant and truly irreplaceable.

The thing about creativity and inventiveness is that it is a state of mind that anybody can achieve. It is not the birth right of anyone, it is not connected to the size of your wallet or colour of your skin or your geographical location.

It is interesting for me to admit that I have put off writing this book for as long as I could. These was not because I did not know what I wanted to say, but because of the nature of the things I wish to discuss.

Many years ago, I discovered an ancient truth about invention and I decided to dig in deeper and study it. The things I discovered were quite contrary to what I had been taught in school about knowledge, science and the application of these things to practically solve problems around us.

When I talk about application of knowledge to solve problems around me that was actually non-existent in my schooling experience. We were simply taught a bunch of things we were expected to memorise ahead of the examinations. I did not escape the familiar cycle of Cram, Pass and Forget that is common in my own part of the world.

When I say creativity and invention, I think both words are more or less the same; however, we tend to associate invention more with scientific or technological breakthroughs, and creativity with matters of art, craft and ideas in general. I maintain an argument that both notions are the same and rely on the very same human talent.

My attention is more focussed on invention with respect to science and technological triumphs as opposed to endeavours of music, movies and poetry. I do not do these because those are in any way inferior to invention (they are not), but I see that many people already flow easily and apply their creativity in that manner. When it comes to science and technology however, the story is much different.

Some years ago, I responded to a Facebook thread and when I suggested that blacks could also originate breakthrough ideas and inventions, I was attacked for being so naïve.

In fact, about six months ago, I put up one of my original thoughts on my Whatsapp status: “Having gifts (faculties, talents, qualities) that differ according to the grace given us, let us use them: to those whose gift is invention, let them invent according to the proportion of their faith”. I was NOT shocked when a friend replied “That’s true… [I] am guessing the white [obviously referring to Americans, Englishmen, Chinese, Russians; the white race] has this grace in abundance”.

Albert Einstein said “Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act, and in that action are the seeds of new knowledge”. I realised there and then that I had a duty to speak up and share some perspectives with my generation; sowing the seeds of new knowledge.

The major challenge I had however, was the nature of what I discovered, for I had discovered that the first thing anybody needs to know about creativity and inventive endeavours is that it is more of a spiritual affair. I discovered that nobody experiences a breakthrough discovery without some spiritual input.

That is the reason I was reluctant to write this book.

I have since then realised that I have to proceed with my conviction and put my thoughts into writing. This book you are reading right now is just the introduction to the invention discourse. This is just a conversation starter, meant to get the invention train started, to seed the thoughts of invention in your mind.

That is why I am sharing this, for us to have that conversation. I look forward to your criticisms, comments, observations, reservations and objections. I do not care much whether they are constructive or destructive in nature. I can stomach both.

I just really need to hear from you.

Ademola Morebise
08 November, 2019


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CHAPTER ONE: Secret Origin Of Creativity And Invention

If you are reading a book titled Unleash Your Inventions: The Secret Origin Of Creativity And Inventions, I certainly hope it is because you are interested in learning what it takes to become an inventor. If you are “just looking around”, it is also fine. You are more than welcome to stay.

I believe that everyone is a born inventor, we were all born with unlimited creativity and inventive potentials (I will prove it beyond any reasonable doubt in this book)

I am willing to guess that at some time or other an idea for a new invention or of how some existing device, gadget, widget, app or even a movie plot could be improved certainly dropped in your mind. You got an idea. Have you ever had an idea and you were completely clueless about how to even develop it any further?

When we get an original idea for an invention, which is in itself might be a lot of work, but it is not enough to make it a success and if you do not know how to develop it you are almost certain to give up before you have completed it.

Now, you might claim none of that has ever happened to you. Why does it seem that some people are creative and some are not creative? Have you ever wished you could become more creative?

I wonder if that is something you can relate with?

You have an idea for an invention, but because of your background, age, race, financial status, and geographical location, you feel you cannot get it done.

The big question seems to be that: how do people become creative and inventive? Can Creativity be taught as a subject in school? As an inventive thinker, how do I work out my ideas and make it a reality? Countless number of brilliant-sounding theories have been proposed, countless number of books have been written, yet there seem to be no consensus on these matters.

What we can all agree on is that creativity and invention requires some insights. Usually an odd insight that is rare or appears impossible. A discovery; getting fresh insights about something, usually amounts to seeing what everybody else is seeing, but thinking up something no one else is thinking of.

Insights is the fuel of invention, invention runs on insights we can get from the data, information and knowledge we have access to. Especially the knowledge we have internalised.


What Is The Formulae For Unlocking Fresh Insights?

Could there be some secret formulae to follow in order for us to unlock the insights that fuel creativity? In general, the world is an uncertain place and looking ahead for anybody always has its own fair share of uncertainty.

Our quest for certainty, order and predictability is why we have made data, numbers, and collection of facts, a fundamental part of the human experience. This is why we are trying to develop concepts, theorems and formulae for everything and anything at all. Including discovery of some new insights.

Science exists because we want to conquer our fear of the unknown and provide a rational reason for why things happen. Science allows us to explain away anything. The same uncertainty and fear of the unknown is also what fuels religion. Religion gives us a handle on things that are seemingly out of our control. When something goes beyond what can be explained or controlled, our basic training and instinct is to pray about it.

A physicist once said that data collection is the closest thing we have to reading the hand of God. That statement is a “very Physicist” statement because Physics strictly runs only on things that can be quantified and independently verified.

As people of numbers; physicists and mathematicians believe that if two people do the same exact things, they would get the same results. However, real life paints a different outcome and you observe that two people doing the same things usually end up differently.

When we approach our quest for fresh insights from a strictly scientific viewpoint, we would be inclined to invest in data collection and acquisition of knowledge, these would be reasonable prerequisites for fresh insights that would lead us towards inventions. Nevertheless, history has shown us repeatedly that investing thousands of hours into study and research in themselves contain no guarantees that we are getting any closer to acquiring what we really need for invention: insights.

If money, data and the knowledge we can glean from the collected data is all we need for insights, then the best ideas going forward will only originate from places like Silicon Valley and perhaps China. They have the money and vast amounts of data they could turn to. However, I hope you can agree with me that the next world-changing idea can emerge from some young woman working on her laptop from her hostel space in rural Nigeria.

Having trailer loads of data is good, but it is insights that count. Your bag of data or volumes of knowledge is not worth anything compared to even just a handful of insights. Great insights can come from anywhere; great knowledge often comes from the humblest of origins.

This clearly demonstrates that insights do not depend on how much money we have or the amount of knowledge we have acquired. The big question remains: how do we acquire the insights we need in order to unlock creativity and invention?

The answers seem to be so simple, that they appear dumb. Nikola Tesla, one of the most prolific inventors ever to walk on the earth provided a hint when he said that “My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists”.

This might sound weird, but I have observed that most inventors attribute their success to some intuition, something that goes beyond the mind and normal physical sensations. A source that is beyond the usual realms of data, knowledge and science.

LOGIC AND REASON has a role to play in invention, there is no doubt about that. However, that initial spark, the initial idea usually comes to us from a realm that is beyond logic and reason. Albert Einstein did not discover his world-changing formula: E=mc2 by working towards it from existing logic and reason. He intuited it from “the universe” and then worked backwards from the answer.

The initial idea simply came to him.

The standard world education system does not take into account the spirit of men, and honestly, I think that is crazy. The physical universe we can touch and see is said to be just 4% of what is out there. Which means that there is 96% of something out there that we cannot see or detect, how do we ignore that?

The first thing I discovered about creativity and inventions is that it is a spiritual pursuit. Every act of creativity and invention has its root in the spirit. Nobody experiences a breakthrough discovery without some spiritual input.

They can call it anything they like – intuition, spirit, inner being, deep soul or some other esoteric term from an eastern religion, but the point is that, most insights that led to great discovery are usually made by someone who traces it back to a source that goes beyond the usual three dimensions (3-D) we easily perceive and are most familiar with.

Herein lies my dilemma (and the REAL reason I put off writing about the subject matter for so long); I cannot discuss creativity and invention without been explicitly spiritual about it. I cannot discuss spirituality without doing so in the context of Christianity because I gained access to my God and Father through Christianity.

I know there are multiple religions and spiritual pathways out there, however, I have only been a Christian all my life and Christianity is working so well for me that I wish everybody – all 7 billion people will all become born-again Christians. It is impossible for me to describe spirituality any other way, as I have no experience in those pathways.

While people say they had an “intuition” or “gut feeling” about something, I simply say I perceived in my spirit or I say that the Holy Spirit spoke to me for example. I am also a very big fan of praying. My Christian beliefs and practises sets me at odds with people, but it is working very well for me and I have no desire to change.

Thousands of inventions have come from Christian minds and so, I believe I am in great company. One of the greatest inventors of all time – Nikola Tesla wrote that “The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power. My Mother had taught me to seek all truth in the Bible”. One of his greatest undertaking was inspired by an insight he got from the biblical book of Revelations.

I bet that if you had an option, you would rather not buy an Android phone manual that has been written by an iPhone expert. So also, I cannot teach or train about invention without using the Holy Bible, and various relevant Christian concepts in this short discourse.

Going forward, I now wish to dig into the depths of the source of creativity and invention, how it works and how you can tap into it. Your first invention is an insight away.


Gods Among Men

“Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods? If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken;”

John 10: 34 – 35 (KJV)

I need to do a deep dive into one of the greatest books of all time; the Holy Bible, to layout some fundamental precepts necessary in order for us to better understand the secret origin of creativity and invention. Once I explain this stuff, you might start seeing things more clearly and more importantly, you will learn the ONE thing you need to change about yourself, so that you can become much more inventive and do great things.

In ancient Babylon, the King; Nebuchadnezzar had a problem he could not solve. He had a disturbing dream, a very disturbing dream that had troubled him through the night. Despite the unlimited resources at his disposal, he was stuck.

His team of consultants, experts and spiritualists could not solve the puzzle and all hope was getting lost. This was an unusual request, his team had remarked that “the king’s demand is impossible. No one except the gods can tell you your dream, and they do not live here among people”. It was at that point that Daniel stepped up.

Daniel delivered the answer in less than 48 hours. The king was so impressed that the Holy Bible notes that this mighty king actually began to worship Daniel.

I guess that makes him a god?

Daniel went on to become a very influential figure, so revered and held in the highest esteem across the land, he knew future events before they happened and his predictions were always “on-point”.

I love asking questions. I love asking a lot of questions, because I have this belief that if I can ask the right questions then I can unlock the right results I am seeking.

That is why I wish to start my discourse with a question: What happens to ordinary people when the Word of God comes to them?

In the above mentioned bible passage, we find Jesus Christ quoting Psalm 82:6, and then inferring a certain, clear conclusion from that same scripture. Let us consider that scripture again in the Contemporary English Version (CEV)

“Jesus replied: In your Scriptures doesn’t God say, “You are gods”? You can’t argue with the Scriptures, and God spoke to those people and called them gods.”

John 10: 34 – 35 (CEV)

Jesus was quoting Psalm 82:6 at this point because the religious leaders had incited a mob to stone him to death under the guise that he was claiming to be God (or the Son of God).

The defence he presented was simple: if men were called gods (by the Law); men to whom God’s message came (please take note of this condition), then how can it be blasphemy for a man that has been consecrated, dedicated and set apart for God by God Himself to be called or regarded as a god?

There are gods among men. Ordinary men unto whom the word of God came. If you receive the word of God in any particular area or field, you can become a god to your world.

This I believe is a critical lesson (among so many other lessons) that we can learn from the bible passage we are discussing.

What happens to ordinary people when the Word of God comes to them? Jesus Christ directly teaches us here that when that happens, that word they heard will change them, totally transform them and empower them; effectively transforming them into gods among men.

The implication of this is that you can become gods in a particular area if the Word of God comes to you in that particular area (praise God!).

If the Word of God comes to you on a particular topic or area of focus, you can become a god to your generation, a god to your nation – living as the man with the answers.

The eleventh chapter of the Book of Hebrews is an amazing read. It is like the Hall of Fame for people – men and women alike – that have walked this road of faith and achieved excellent results by the practical application of faith.

(I want you to please note that men and women, young or old, have obtained exact, same results by application of faith in God, this is because God doesn’t discriminate based on gender. Discrimination in things of God by age or gender, skin colour and nationality is not of God, that trait is due to religion and really, that is just a shame.)

Let us return our attention to the main discourse by considering Hebrews 11:33.

“Who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions” Hebrews 11:33 (KJV)

The Amplified Bible renders it this way:

“Who by [the help of] faith subdued kingdoms, administered justice, obtained promised blessings, closed the mouths of lions” Hebrews 11:33 (AMP)

This scripture describes some of the great things kingdom champions have done by faith, everything written in the eleventh chapter of Hebrews were all done by faith.

If I have a problem with twenty-first century Christianity, it is the fact that when people talk about faith they limit it to a few things. Especially healing.

I grew up in Nigeria, and I can attest that Nigerian Christians are only looking for three things, there are only three things they are seeking after. Nigerian Christians are looking for “breakthrough”, in three areas, which are: academic/career breakthrough, financial breakthrough and marital breakthrough. That’s all about the breakthrough that people are looking for.

If you consider most of the prayer points we pray in most churches, you can summarize them into these breakthrough points that people are looking for, So that’s all they are using their faith for.

“Give me this day my daily bread”, that’s all most people are using their faith for, whereas there is so much more that you can access through that gift of faith.

Faith can do more.

The eleventh chapter of the book of Hebrews chronicles for us some people that used their faith for some serious things like subduing kingdoms. Once again, the twenty-first century Christian reading this might be thinking that the kingdoms referred to here are demonic kingdoms, witches, wizards, and wickedness in high places, principalities and powers.

While that is a very valid interpretation of this scripture, that is not even close to the literal meaning of that biblical verse.

The Good News Bible renders that phrase as “through faith they fought a whole country and they won”.

That is why I don’t want you to be thinking about principalities and powers of darkness in high places right now. That is not what the scripture is saying here, it is saying that by faith men conquered nations, and they subdued kingdoms.

Before the fall, when God blessed man, he charged mankind to “have dominion, and subdue the natural world”. So then, if this verse says by faith or through faith, men subdued nations and countries, establishing dominion over them, we can believe that word. It is very valid.

Talking about the subject of faith, what is faith?  The bible says in the tenth chapter of the book of Romans “that faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the word of God”.

If I hear the word of God, it will birth faith within me. The word of God is imparted into our hearts through revelation, and so if the word of God comes to you it will not leave you the same.

The word of God can come to you and transform you into a god, the word of God can come to you and orchestrate a complete transformation. So think not so much about your current state, neither been alarmed nor frightened. All you have to do is to just accept and obey the word of God. That’s all you have to do.

I find it interesting that Christians have troubles with believing what the Holy Bible says. The Holy Bible will say something and Christians will step forward to debate it. In so many cases, we are so afraid of what the Holy Bible says, for example the Holy Bible clearly says that you should not be broke but you should be lending unto nations but how many people can confidently believe that?

I have heard people dare say the Holy Bible is too old and hence irrelevant to modern issues. The truth of the matter is that “whether you say you can or you say you cannot, you are correct”.

My Father-in-the-Lord taught me that God cannot use you beyond the level of your faith. God stops and will not be able to move further beyond what your faith permits, the operation of the Holy Spirit in your life is limited by your faith.

Once again; what happens to ordinary people when the word of God comes to them? They can become transformed into gods.

There are gods among men.

There are a lot of times were men were referred to as gods in the Holy Bible. There are people around us that have qualities regarded as making them superior to other people.

Let us briefly consider one more of such cases in order to lend weight to our discourse. I shall now be considering the New Testament Apostle Paul.

Apostle Paul is a stand-out character across the Holy Bible, he was a man mighty in words and deeds. I wish to highlight an incident from his life. Paul experienced a shipwreck during one of his trips, now, Paul had no business with a sinking ship, but the captain of the ship (a man of great knowledge and expertise in his field) had actually sailed against the Man of God’s advice.

That was how they found themselves in trouble on the high seas. The Man of God stepped up again and somehow they made it to the island of Malta. Upon arrival on the island of Malta, Paul was once again caught in the middle of another controversy.

“As Paul gathered an armful of sticks and was laying them on the fire, a poisonous snake, driven out by the heat, bit him on the hand. The people of the island saw it hanging from his hand and said to each other, “A murderer, no doubt! Though he escaped the sea, justice will not permit him to live.” But Paul shook off the snake into the fire and was unharmed. The people waited for him to swell up or suddenly drop dead. But when they had waited a long time and saw that he wasn’t harmed, they changed their minds and decided he was a god.” Acts 28 : 3 – 6 (NLT)

They changed their minds and decided Paul was a god. Epic.

There are men, and there are women and then there are gods. The gods are anyone unto whom the message of God has come. If the word of God comes to you and you accept it, YOU CAN DO GREAT THINGS.


God Always Sends A Man

From the beginning of time itself, we have observed that whenever God wants to do anything upon the face of the earth – he sends a man. When the Israelites where enslaved in Egypt and needed deliverance, he sent a man – Moses. If you look through the bible, you find God sending people – men and women; young and old on assignments.

God sends “a calling” to the people whenever there is a situation or circumstances that requires a positive change. That Sent Man will come with the unction needed to force and superimpose heaven on earth.

Every generation with its own prophets uniquely equipped to handle the challenges and problems of their own generation. It is the prevalent problems and challenges in the society that determines the kind of calling and anointing that God will release unto that generation.

In fact, anytime you see any negative manifestation or societal ills around you, it is the fruit of somebody’s disobedience or complete abandonment of divine duty.

God will always send an anointed man to deal with the issues prevalent in their days.

Elijah was a man called during the height of idolatry and as such, he was empowered to deal with it – he could declare periods of drought and call down fire as he pleased. He needed all that to get the job down.

The other major old testaments prophets – Isaiah, or Jeremiah were not inferior to Elijah per se, they simply had different kind of assignments and they all served God in their generation.

In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus prays that “thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” The operations of the spirit of God in the midst of men is to bring us – body, soul and spirit into a state of completeness and fullness. We are meant to enjoy heaven on earth; we are always seeking heaven, and you would agree with me that everybody is always moving away from pain and towards pleasure.

So, whenever there are needs or difficult and negative circumstances and manifestations, God will send a man with everything needed for the assignment, projects and outreaches at hand.

The person will bring a certain anointing or grace from heaven and deliver it unto their generation.

When there is spiritual darkness in a land, God raises men and commissions them for an assignment to the land. That is why over the years for example, we have men that have taught salvation, holiness, faith, and healing. They taught it, they lived it and they carried a special anointing for it.

There is a Man of God in Nigeria that his primary message for over 30 years of ministry has been holiness. Whenever you hear him preach about holiness, a conviction comes over you and you want to get born again all over again.

God raised men to deliver the land from evil, demonic strongholds. That was followed by a wave of sent men that led us to repentance from dead works and live a peaceable, holy life.

Then God raised men to teach us how to live by faith and be led by the Holy Spirit. Each wave was bringing us closer to heaven and closing the gaps.

Heaven is still sending men because the work is not completed. Everybody sent will have their own unique assignment that will add up to the overall purpose and vision of God for the era.

Remember, if the word of God comes to us in a particular area we can become gods in that particular area. Various people will have their own unique insights from the Word of God; the insights you receive is a function of the kind of assignment God has for you.

Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith; Or ministry, let us wait on our ministering: or he that teacheth, on teaching; Or he that exhorteth, on exhortation: he that giveth, let him do it with simplicity; he that ruleth, with diligence; he that sheweth mercy, with cheerfulness. Romans 12:6-8 (KJV)

The above quoted passages from the Holy Bible shows us this concept of having gifts that differ from each other according to the grace we have received from God. Once we identified our gift, we have to use them with the realisation that God always sends somebody with a message, a grace, or a gift to deliver unto men.


An Apostle Of Healing?

One of the more popular verses of the Holy Bible says that “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. A very simple, but profound statement.

The story was told about a young man that wished to migrate to another country in search of better opportunities. He worked hard for many months, saving towards purchase of the ticket on a cruise ship.

This was many decades ago, before transatlantic flight was even invented. The man worked hard, saved every extra penny he could, and finally had just enough money to purchase a ticket aboard a cruise ship. The trip at that time required about two or three weeks to cross the ocean. He went out and bought a suitcase and filled it full of cheese and crackers. That’s all he could afford.

Once on board, all the other passengers went to the large, ornate dining room to eat their gourmet meals. Meanwhile, the poor man would go over in the corner and eat his cheese and crackers. This went on day after day. He could smell the delicious food being served in the dining room. He heard the other passengers speak of it in glowing terms as they rubbed their bellies and complained about how full they were, and how they would have to go on a diet after this trip. The poor traveller wanted to join the other guests in the dining room, but he had no extra money. Sometimes he’d lie awake at night, dreaming of the sumptuous meals the other guests described.

Toward the end of the trip, another man came up to him and said, “Sir, I can’t help but notice that you are always over there eating those cheese and crackers at mealtimes. Why don’t you come into the banquet hall and eat with us?” The traveller’s face flushed with embarrassment. “Well, to tell you the truth, I had only enough money to buy the ticket. I don’t have any extra money to purchase fancy meals.” The other passenger raised his eyebrows in surprise. He shook his head and said, “Sir, don’t you realize the meals are included in the price of the ticket? Your meals have already been paid for!”

Just like this young man, we are ignorant about a lot of things available and accessible to us. That is why we perish; that is why we have failure, poverty and disease holding us back from fulfilling divine purposes.

There are certain rights and privileges you enjoy as a citizen of your country. The only clause is that most of the times, unless you know your rights as a citizen, you are likely to get short-changed.

There are countries that grant their citizens free medical services for certain age groups, yet if the citizen is ignorant of this right, it is not farfetched to imagine such a person getting billed for a service that is supposed to be free.

This is very similar to our walk as Christians. We have unlimited access to The Force; The Almighty God is our ally and yet, due to ignorance about the true extent, nature and capabilities that are made available to us, we continuously suffer.

Starting with salvation, God has begun to illuminate our hearts with the knowledge we need in order to operate more effectively as heaven’s ambassadors on earth. Over the ages, from one generation of faith in God to another, we get more knowledgeable in the things of God and hence enjoy a higher quality of life.

God specially sends men with a particular calling to establish certain truths or moves or operations of the Holy Spirit amongst us. The Man of God is not making it up or bringing something new, rather they are merely showing us the light so that we might draw close and believe it for ourselves.

We have had apostles of salvation. It has always been the will of God for us to be saved, however, salvation doesn’t come automatically. Salvation came by hearing the gospel of Christ been preached to us, and then we believed it.

It is the believing that empowers us to walk in that reality of been saved.

We have had apostles of holiness. Men gifted with special insights into God’s word with regards to how people can live a holy life.

We have had apostles of faith.

We have had apostles of grace.

Each of these are all aspects of God that were previously unknown or hidden to us. Then a man comes around and shows us the light so that we can begin to walk in the light of the revelation.

There used to be so many wrong beliefs, errors, half-truths and outright heresies in the body of Christ about healing and health. Some even used to believe sickness is part of God’s plan for them.

Over the years, men sent by God have revealed and restored the divine truths about these things to us. Scriptures like 3 John 2 “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thou soul prospereth”, suddenly started to mean something else.

I am privileged to have as a Father-in-the-Lord, an apostle of healing. Truth be told, it was watching him evolve and dig deeper into the depths and fullness of his calling that challenged me to dig ever deeper into discovery and delivery of mine.

God specially sends men with a particular calling to establish certain truths or moves or operations of the Holy Spirit amongst us.


Apostles of Creativity And Witty Inventions?

An Apostle is sent to us in order to reveal and demonstrate an aspect of God to us that was hitherto unknown, obscure or completely misunderstood altogether. Many years ago, the Word of God came to me in the area of creativity and invention.

I want you to realise that there are so many wrong beliefs, errors, half-truths and outright heresies in the body of Christ about creativity and invention. It is very poorly understood. In fact, at a young age of about eleven or twelve years old, a teacher of God’s word taught me that invention and all technology belongs to the devil.

As a young boy, when I heard that, I became very sad because even though at that age, I was not clear on my life’s path, but I knew I loved technology and I would love to work on building technologies for the benefit of God’s work and mankind, but if Satan was the god of technology, I wanted nothing to do with it. I shut down my mind.

It took over a decade for God to deliver me from that error; the devil is not the god of technology. The gods of technology will be anybody unto whom the word of God comes in the aspect of creativity and invention.

Our message is simple: Anybody! Anybody at all that allows the spirit of God have total control over their thought life can undergo a renewal and transformation of mind that brings their mind to that place of creativity and using such insights, they can build scientific and technological marvels.

Just like salvation, faith, healing, and wealth, creativity is also a fundamental aspect of the God nature. God is creative, and just like God sent Apostles to reveal and restore diverse operations of the move of God amongst us, I sense in my spirit that God is raising people in my generation to reveal and restore this aspect of divinity (creativity) to us.

When I say anyone, I really do mean anyone from anywhere. Your background, race, gender, religious denomination or political affiliations do not stop you from exhibiting creativity and invention. If you do the right thing, you will get the very same results.

The spiritual principles you have to obey in order to find long-lasting success are universally valid, they are the same everywhere; they work everywhere. Neither our geographical location nor the colour of our skin has held us back, it is ignorance of the right principles.

Apostle Peter, a staunch Jew was moved to admit that he observed that God doesn’t discriminate, not by age, gender, skin colour or nationality. Anybody that does the right thing will be accepted. There is no biblical proof or scientific proof that certain people are superior to the other in terms of physical strength or intellectual prowess.

In spiritual discussions, there are no Jews or Gentiles (neither Americans, Chinese nor Nigerians), there are no “untouchables”. Ordinary men – whether blacks or whites, whether living in first world countries or third world countries operate in the things of God the same exact way. Any discrimination cannot be validated by scriptures or science, they are simply prejudices fuelled by the limitations of a corrupted mind.

The greatest showman, P.T. Barnum said “A human soul, ‘that God has created and Christ died for,’ is not to be trifled with. It may tenant the body of a Chinaman, a Turk, an Arab or a Hottentot — it is still an immortal spirit”.

We have a true guarantee that anybody from anywhere can operate at the highest levels of creativity and invention. There is no limit, no barriers to how far we can go. God created us in his own image – all races and both genders alike.

It is interesting to note that the best-selling book of all time; The Holy Bible, opens with the words: “In the beginning, GOD created the heavens and the earth”. The very first thing we learn about God through the Holy Bible is that God is creative.

God created the heavens and the earth, created the moon, stars, planets, quasars, black holes and whatever other natural phenomena we have ever observed out there. God initiated their fabrication many, many years ago… “out of nothing”.

God created living things too. Plants, animals and then as the masterpiece, He created man. The bible duly informs us that God created man in his own image and likeness.

So, God created human beings that were like him in many ways. He made us to be like himself. He created us to be male and female. Both genders are valid and equal representations of God.

God fashioned and created man to be like himself. He fashioned man to possess the very same qualities he has. In Christian circles, we discuss the fact that God is Omnipotent, Omniscience, Omnificent, and Omnipresent to list a few.

If we truly possess these same qualities that are found in God, then we should also be able to exhibit these qualities, it must not be some religious cliché we toss around.

God is omnipotent; all powerful and so, if you are a true member of his family, you should also be powerful in a measure. God is omniscient; all knowing, you should also be knowledgeable in some measure. You cannot claim to be of God and remain comfortable with ignorance and mediocrity.

There is this divide between people of faith and people of science. We are usually at odds with each other; it is more or less as if faith and science are mutually exclusive. Religious people seem to be the most gullible set of people on the planet and have little or no interest in scientific pursuits.

Here is the twist however, both “religion” and “science” originated from God. The pioneers of both religious and scientific endeavours were without doubt: “Men of God”. It is truly a shame that we are at odds with each other.

Sir Isaac Newton, a Christian theologian I discuss in greater detail in chapter four, laid the framework of what became classical physics. We also have men like Georges Lemaître, a Jesuit trained Belgian Catholic priest, mathematician, astronomer, and professor of physics at the Catholic University of Louvain. Encyclopaedia Britannica reports that he formulated the modern big-bang theory, which holds that the universe began in a cataclysmic explosion of a small, primeval “super-atom”. These are just two quick examples; the true pioneers of science were Men of God.

One cannot claim that God is the source of all wisdom, knowledge and power, and yet claim to be against science. Science is nothing more than a disciplined, detailed and more specific branch of knowledge.

Science (from the Latin word scientia, meaning “knowledge”) is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. Science simply means an exacting knowledge. Science is the foundation of all invention, engineering and technology. Nobody could design a smartphone, spaceship, faster vehicles or anything at all without some basic understanding of science – exacting knowledge about how nature works.

My argument is simple: if God is wise, knowledgeable, all knowing, powerful, and creative. Anyone who claims to have been made in that same image must also show signs of these same traits and abilities. I am not the first to make such thought-provoking claims and I certainly will not be the last.

God created us exactly like himself – a creative spirit; creativity and invention should be something we can do easily. Just like salvation, holiness, grace, faith, healing and wealth; creativity and invention should be a fundamental part of our existence on earth.

This is also why we know that matters of creativity and invention are primarily spiritual pursuits. They flow out of the divine into the natural. Every feat of creativity and invention has its root in the spirit. Only people who see themselves as spirits can access it.

In order to be extremely creative, you need a source of ideas and power that goes beyond the 3-dimensional physical world we can all touch and see. To become more creative, you need to invest in your spiritual development. The more spiritual you are, the more creativity you would unlock.

I do not think it is possible to say you want to “teach creativity” per se. Creativity cannot be taught, it is a “divine donation” bestowed upon us at the dawn of creation. If you are still not sure whether God wants you to be creative and inventive or not, let us consider the words of Apostle Peter:

“Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.” 2 Peter 1:4 (KJV)

Apostle Peter makes it explicit and very obvious that we have been invited to partake in the divine nature. Anything we can think or imagine is a part of the divine nature (God’s very nature) can also become our experience. We need to be delivered from our ignorance and a mind that has not been renewed.

So, I cannot teach you be creative because you are already creative (you were born creative). You are a creative and inventive spirit by default. If you accept the fact that God created you, and has invited you to participate of his own divine nature, then you must also accept the fact that you are creative.

Plants and animals were not created in the image of God, and so, we cannot teach a monkey or a goat to be creative. In as much as we have people that possess a gift of teaching, and feel they can teach anybody any concept – no matter how abstract or difficult to comprehend, we must be humble enough to respect the fact that it is the presence of a spirit in man that makes teaching even possible in the first place.

If truly, you can teach anything, then let a Professor of Mathematics take on a tribe of goats or a carload of monkeys and teach them the very simple concept of 1 + 1 = 2. The Professor would soon realise that such an exercise will not yield anything.

You might not be fluent in more than two or three languages right now, but that is your choice. If you wanted, you could learn a dozen languages, you have the capacity to do so. Plants and animals do not.

Any investment of time to teach creativity to animals is a waste of time. They don’t have the spirit that will make it possible. Have you seen any creativity or innovation from animals? I have not found a case.

I am so excited that mankind continues to develop tools and technology that help us better dominate our natural environment. I am excited that what we term “AI” (Artificial Intelligence; our quest to build computers/robots that can display human-like intelligence) will very likely be developed during my lifetime, because the day we achieve that, we will also begin to realise what truly makes us human beings.

When we successfully build AI machines, we will realise that there is still so much more to us than that.

If you accept the fact that God created you and you possess the life of God, then you can be creative and innovative in your life and business pursuits. What we can do is share some tips that might be of help as you sharpen your creative skills, but we are not making you creative or teaching you creativity. It is who you are already.

God wants us to be creative, he wants us to channel our creativity and build things. I believe that anybody can become creative and do things on a large massive scale. The idea that great ideas and innovation can only come from certain people and places in the world is wrong.

You need to be informed that creativity and great ideas do not come from abroad. They come from above.

I wish to be explicit about my interest in invention. I am interested in learning, teaching and training about how we can actually invent radically new technologies as opposed to merely improving what already exists.

We need new approaches to solving the problems in our society. We need new insights that can solve problems more effectively than solutions proposed by great men of times past. That is why it is important to uncover the real source of creative and inventive ideas. Once you realise the great ideas are from God—Divine Being, The Source—and that once you are in tune with that, you can channel some new ideas, it gives a hint about our true potentials.

I am not really interested in building some smartphone app or building a payment or ecommerce app on some other big tech company’s cloud platform. Please, that is not the kind of invention I am writing to you about.

I want us to work towards discovery of true scientific breakthroughs that can serve as a base for technological marvels.



CHAPTER TWO: The Transformative Power Of Creativity And Invention

When we become better in tune with the Source of knowledge, strength and inspiration, we will begin to channel our creativity to solve the problems around us and deliver value to our community. There is a transformative effect that applications of creativity and inventiveness can have on a society, such effects can be mind-blowing and difficult to grasp initially.

Having a career as an Inventor; someone that creates useful things of economic value can be very rewarding. However, most inventors I know are never motivated merely because of the huge fortune they could potentially make, but are rather fired up because of the difference their work could make in the lives of people. They genuinely want to make life better, inventions comes from the place of love and not from the place of greed.

For many years, I was trying to monetise my talents, but I could not. I was not able to make money or gain any form of meaningful traction with my numerous projects, even though they were considered to be innovative. It took me a lot of time to figure out the problem was me. I was building for myself, seeking fame and relevance as opposed to trying to add value to a well-defined set of people.

I was not trying to apply my creativity towards problem solving, I was just been greedy and self-centred. I did not begin to make good progress in my career until I fell in love with people and tried to see how their problems could be solved as opposed to simply trying to feel cool. When you genuinely fall in love with people and take a look at the problems they face daily, you will be better empowered to solve them. This is the key to maximising your gift as an inventor.

This message of creativity and invention is timely, because it is empowering, very practical and actionable. There is a transformative effect this message can have on individuals, communities and even the nations of the world.

When you unleash your inventions, you will not only make money from it, but you would also be positively impacting the society and boosting the local economy of your country. I hope I can get you to start seriously thinking about how your inventions can have an effect on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of your country.

The only way so-called third world countries like Nigeria and the continent of Africa can re-negotiate their lot is through a radical embrace of creativity and invention. Indeed, if one studies the history of the people and nations of the world, you observe a trend. The countries with the most advanced technological solutions are always the leaders in their days.

Developing science and technology is not merely a function of government allocating more resources towards research and development. We have already established earlier on that investing money, time and acquisition of data and information is no guarantee that we are getting closer to new insights that are really needed for inventions.

You might have billions of US Dollars to invest into building a state-of-the-art research facility, but without that spirit of invention present in the building, I think such efforts are more or less futile.

The secret origin of all creativity and invention is spiritual. People that are spiritual, better position themselves for it. A nation is not ready for advancement until it accumulates a critical mass of spiritual people. I am talking about spiritual people, not people that are merely religious. Let us now consider what it means to be spiritual.


What does it mean to be spiritual?

We must be able to distinguish between the concept of “spirituality” and been religious for example. These two concepts are frequently lumped together, yet they are completely different.

In my home country – Nigeria, a lot of people think they are been spiritual, while they are just been religious and actually operating in ignorance. The average “church going” Nigerian is very superstitious and religious, but not spiritual. If indeed the root of all creativity and inventions are spiritual—and it is, to get that spark of an idea that becomes the foundation for some ground breaking invention, we have to be spiritual—then we need to turn our religiosity to spirituality.

I do not think that there exists a single definition of spirituality that everybody can agree on, but I will define spirituality as rising above the petty, the material, the tangible and becoming part of something more. Spirituality is about acknowledging and patiently cultivating a relationship with God. It is all about becoming better in tune with God.


What is the difference between playing religion and been spiritual?

The easiest way I have found to distinguish between both is captured in the following sentence. The religious mind-set says “God will do it for me”. The spiritual mind-set says “God will empower me; make tools available for me to get it done”.

Religion says there is something out there, incomprehensible and completely beyond us. Let us try to be on their good side, appease them with gifts and sacrifices, stay in line and all will be well. The mind-set being “How do I please God and stay in his good books?”

Spirituality says there is something out there. I am one with that force, I am in union with that force. Spirituality leads you to critical thinking and excellence. The mind-set being “How do I channel more of God? How do I improve my performance today than I did yesterday?”

A religious mind-set eventually leads to blindness and mediocrity. A religious man sees no need to improve, the mind-set is “God is working on my behalf, I am one breakthrough away.”

Breakthrough in this context means some sudden event delivering instantaneous results, especially through seemingly mysterious circumstances. The religious folks are never ready to submit for learning, training, discipline and the long hours of study that are necessary for any serious advancement.

The word “religion” literally means been bound to something; a return to bondage. Spirituality on the other hand is empowering. A religious man can neither be creative nor inventive, their mind is dull and simply unreceptive to such thoughts.

A religious man prays to his god or deity to send him a loaf of bread every single day. A spiritual man communes with God to empower him to build a bakery and then devotes a part of the bakery’s daily output towards feeding the poor.

The hallmark of a person of the spirit is incredible productivity. Proper spiritual development breeds productivity, excellence and critical thinking.


How do we go from religiosity to spirituality?

The first step towards transforming our religious inclinations into a true spiritual experience is acceptance of the fact that we have been playing religion all along.

Religion seems to operate like a performance reward system, the stick-and-carrot approach. You do this specified thing in order to get this other thing in return. So, if you have been following rules blindly, merely because of promised rewards and NOT because you really care enough to understand the real purposes and intentions behind same laws: you are being religious.

True spirituality on the other hand emphasises a relationship, one that goes beyond the letter. A spiritual person is trying to cultivate a closer relationship with God, knowing fully well that once they can attain a closer relationship with God, all requirements of the written law would have been fulfilled.

You might have heard a common debate amongst Christians that insist Christianity is not a religion, but a “way of life”. It is very easy to follow religious doctrines and dogmas but could be quite challenging to get into that place of understanding their true nature so that it can lead to empowerment of the individual and not merely blind compliance.

Jesus stated in the scriptures that he did not come to abolish the law, but rather, he came to unearth their true purposes and ensure that those purposes are fulfilled. He ended up declaring that the real meaning of Moses’ Law and the Prophets, can be distilled into a single sentence: “do to others whatever you would wish them to do to you”.

This is the principle we popularly refer to as the golden rule. Indeed, an understanding of these simple, but profound principle would decimate the cloak of religion and usher us into the deep.

Spirituality is not attending church, reading your “holy books” and praying fervently every day. I erroneously used to think that Holy Ghost baptism and the ability to “speak in tongues” was what made people spiritual, I have come to realise that this is not entirely correct. One of the most spiritual Christians I have ever met doesn’t pray in tongues, but he is immensely spiritual.

We do NOT consider Jesus to be spiritual because he read the holy books, attended religious gatherings consistently and prayed “in tongues” a lot. He is considered to be a man sent from God because he had this intimate relationship with God and he was so loving that he agreed to lay down his life in exchange for others.

On a certain day, I was updating one of my mentors about some things happening in my life at that time and when I mentioned a certain person within a particular context, she objected that I cannot claim someone is selfish and spiritual at the same time. She insisted that selfishness and true spirituality are mutually exclusive.

Truly, one sees that the height of spiritual maturity is love, selflessness and taking up responsibility for others. The person that is strong in the spirit does not despise the weak, but rather bears them up on their strong shoulders. A non-spiritual strong man stands up for himself only, a spiritual man stands up for others.

It is the coming together of love, selflessness and responsibility that culminates in a distinct feature of spiritual people: VISION. Spiritual people are characterised by having a collective vision for people, and when you are driven by a purpose higher than you, you always win in the long run.

Religion seems to be about relying on God to help with your own needs and ambition. Ambition often does nothing more than serve the needs of its often greedy owner while a vision serves the needs of the people. (By the way, I am sick and tired of ambitious people pretending to be visionaries).

The key difference between a vision and merely pursing an ambition is that when a vision drives us, everybody wins! It is time to look inward, identify our true standing and see how we can fully mature into spirituality.



The Hallmarks Of A Spiritual People

Spiritual people are the bedrock of any great nation. A great nation is not made from natural resources, even though possessing natural resources might help. A great nation can only be developed by people that are lit up by an inner fire to operate strategically and with great precision.

A spiritual people; a spiritual nation is truly unstoppable.

Blessed is the nation that has an abundance of spiritual people. People that are not merely religious, but have matured enough into spirituality. They will leverage their innate creative energy and be empowered to shake things up, causing disruption of the old and significantly improving efficiency and productivity.

We need you to unleash your inventions because that is one sure way to rewrite our gloomy future. Our optimism for the future is not misplaced, but we have to go beyond wishing and praying for a brighter future. Feats of creativity and invention are the vehicles that can get us there.

There are three fundamental truths I want to share with you, I am sharing them with you because I am sincerely hoping it will help you put this message of creativity and invention in some perspective.

A spiritual nation should be a wealthy nation.

A spiritual nation should be technologically advanced.

With the right strategy, a spiritual nation soon becomes the super world power in its day.

I will state my case, as clearly as I possibly can.

I believe that wisdom is the most valuable commodity in the world. The most valuable commodity in the world is neither gold nor crude oil or diamonds; it is wisdom. Revelational knowledge is what we need, once we have that, anything is possible.

The many merits of wisdom have been duly documented and taught over the years. Wisdom is the principal thing and once you have wisdom, you can create as much wealth as you require.

The story of Joseph in ancient Egypt shows us how the wisdom of one man can take a nation into greater heights. The wisdom of Joseph brought wealth and great productivity to ancient Egypt. The wisdom of Solomon brought great wealth, international acclaim, fresh knowledge and so much more to his home country of Israel during his days.

We need to realise that the internationally acclaimed Forbes’s list of the richest people alive is actually a list of people who have been able to leverage wisdom in order to generate wealth.

The wisdom of men like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and others like them attracts immense wealth to their home country – The United States Of America. The international e-commerce juggernaut – Alibaba, founded by Jack Ma created at least ten billionaires and many millionaires (all in US Dollars) out of China.

The people mentioned above might not necessarily be Christians. That is not the point, my point is that I see clearly a pathway in my spirit through which we can achieve the exact same thing through our Christian model.

We just need to ensure that we are not simply a religious nation trying to merely please God, but we transition into a spiritual nation that tries to understand what God is doing, possess a sense of divine timing, while accepting responsibility and getting empowered for serious things.

There is a clear relationship between wisdom and wealth. A spiritual nation should be a wealthy nation because wealth can be generated when you have wisdom. Spiritual people operate with wisdom because they possess “light” which manifests as wisdom and knowledge. Wisdom and knowledge is the REAL FOUNDATION of any form of wealth you might seek to build.

This begs the question: where is the wisdom that is supposed to attract wealth to my nation – Nigeria? Whose wisdom is going to transform the Dark Continent and make it the most advanced civilisation in the world?

When people walk in wisdom, wealth is a natural by-product of such wisdom. Wisdom is a spirit that optimises and maximises, regardless of the circumstances, wisdom is always in the business of generating value and making a profit in return. The word “profit” used in this context goes beyond paper money or some obvious benefits easily discernable by the untrained mind.

Any wealth that is not built around an application of wisdom and knowledge is a mirage, it cannot stand the test of time. The modern economy is a knowledge economy, the companies and organisations getting ahead are knowledge-based companies. One of the secrets to business success in our days is knowing something nobody else knows (or maybe to become the first to figure out something and maximise your returns from that before others catch up with you).

This is a very different ball-game from the industrial era, when succeeding in business simply required you to induce a large workforce to co-operate with you to do things at scale. In today’s global economy, it no longer about the strength of your workforce alone, it also about the quality of the ideas and the continuous iteration of those ideas.

The current trend of increased automation means that we are likely facing a future devoid of menial tasks. Any job that entails a boss telling someone exactly what to do, would simply be automated and programmed into a robot. We can expect that going forward, people would prefer to automate daily, routine tasks in a business to a capable robot, rather than delegate to a human. I see a future where a single entrepreneur can commandeer their global operations using robots and digital assistants to co-ordinate some vast empire.

Today’s world is ever increasing in complexities and uncertainty. Wisdom is the key to life and business success unlike ever before, one cannot just wing it and hope for a fair turn out. The future definitely belongs to people who are able to leverage wisdom, and use their uncommon insights to forge ahead.

If spiritual people really have wisdom, a proof of their wisdom should be the kind of wealth they are able to generate. A spiritual nation should be a wealthy nation if the spiritual people really know the value of the wisdom they should have access to. A spiritual nation has no business with any form of poverty or lack.


Moving Beyond Spirituality For The Sake Of Spirituality

A spiritual nation should be a technologically advanced nation, self-reliant and extremely wealthy. That is the ideal scenario, however it seems it will take some orientation before we can achieve anything even remotely close to that.

We need to understand that the pinnacle of civilisation is not spirituality for the sake of spirituality. We should not only bask in the euphoria of a spiritual atmosphere, the calmness, peace and immense joy we experience in that moment. We need to learn how to translate the visions we receive in our hearts into a physical reality and that will only happen when we learn to mine knowledge from our spiritual experiences and apply same to the physical sphere of existence.

I think the issue here is that when people start having spiritual experiences, they grow so attached to it that they can become quite withdrawn from the physical world around them. There is also a concern for what is termed materialism; the belief that attachment to physical things will cause a detachment from spiritual things. Some spiritual people might also have an “escapist mentality”, the general belief that the ultimate goal of spiritually minded people is to go to heaven.

A careful scrutinising of these issues would reveal to anybody that such concerns do not carry any weight. You are not materialistic because of the things you have, you become materialistic when your money and possessions become more important to you than “spiritual values”. A materialistic person cannot even attain true spirituality in the first place. This is the true deduction to be made of the encounter between Jesus and the rich, religious ruler in the Holy Bible.

The rich ruler was materialistic, and even though he wanted to attain real spirituality, he was bugged down by all the stuff that he had acquired. The Holy Bible recorded that he went away in sorrow because he was very rich (he had much possessions). Real spiritual people would never bat an eyelid at giving up all their possessions at an instant, because they have something they value more.

Heaven is a very important concept to Christians, however, we cannot conclude that the only reason we are saved, redeemed and re-generated in God’s image is to make heaven. If the ONLY reason we are seeking God is in order to escape the problems on earth and jump off to heaven, I think we may have been scammed.

Sound Christian teaching makes it clear that God expects us to be productive, to fill the earth and have dominion over it. A careful study of the twenty-eighth verse of the first chapter of the Book of Genesis reveals these things. This verse precedes the fall of man, it is as close to God’s original blueprint as possible and yet it does not invite us to escape into heaven. It does not promise heaven as a reward for us either. This verse rather empowers us to take charge of the earth, make it as productive as possible and govern it.

“The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD’S: but the earth hath he given to the children of men”

Psalms 115:16 (KJV)

The earth; the physical realm we can see, feel and touch is our domain and developing an escape-to-heaven mind-set will not do us any favours. If spiritual people do not embrace the first task clearly appointed to us by God: to take charge, develop productivity and govern the physical universe, we have automatically abdicated our duties and allow lesser men; unspiritual people free reign to make decisions and take actions that directly and indirectly impair our own lives and our collective future.

When spiritual people; a people supposedly in tune with God and can channel that higher wisdom and creativity decide to do nothing, decide not to embrace a divine vision for their nation and are rather longing for heaven, they do not get to condemn or criticise any contrary vision that is imposed on them. If your vision and sole purpose is to escape to heaven, then you would have no need for long-term planning or critical thinking. That would be a futile exercise.

The sole purpose of life is not so that we can die and go to heaven, where is the purpose in that? This is a time of creativity, new ideas and novel ways of thinking. There are great things we can accomplish here on earth, if only we are willing to take up responsibility.

We must evolve beyond spirituality for spirituality sake. Spiritual enlightenment is a noble goal every man should aspire towards, however, it is not an end in itself. The end goal cannot be “spirituality in itself”, a Christian that has truly gone beyond the veils of religion realises that spirituality actually empowers us for the purpose of bringing about perfection to people, places, events and things around us.

Did Jesus not say that “you are the light of the world”? One does not need an angel to explain the implication of this statement. It means that spiritual people are meant to reflect heaven’s light upon the dark world around them. The world of culture, governance, arts, trade, sciences; the entire human sociological realm should be illuminated by spiritual people on earth. You are not the light of heaven, you channel the light—WISDOM—from heaven upon the dark world around you.

The innate creative and healing power possessed by spiritual people is virtually useless in heaven, it is only relevant and useful here on earth. These powers are for the salvation, deliverance, redemption and empowerment of mankind. They are the custodians of the grace required to heal the nations, bring about lasting peace and inducing better productivity and excellent work output.


Transmutation Of Spiritual Wisdom Into Workable Technology

There is no problem that cannot be solved, we just need a little more wisdom. Wisdom is the principal thing, because wisdom generates knowledge, when we refine knowledge and dig deeply into it, we will discover the scientific principles we can use to build out technology.

Wisdom will lead to knowledge, which will lead us towards science and then towards the invention of technology. There is no problem that cannot be solved, we just need a little more technology.

The pinnacle of civilisation is science and technology. The pinnacle of civilisation is not religiosity or spirituality.

You do not become a global powerhouse without possessing some technological advantage over your rivals. Science and technology is the ultimate; a nation can never grow or generate results beyond the level of their technological achievements. The nation that buys technology is always at the mercy of the nations they are buying the technology from.

If for example, a Nigerian invents a machine that makes instant global transportation possible. I am talking about been able to travel to anywhere in the world in just one second; you step into the machine and type in your desired destination and you vanish over here to re-appear at the specified location.

Such a machine would add value not only to the inventor, but to their nation as well. In an ideal world, you would have countries scrambling to get their hands on such a technology, anyone left out of that trend would simply be unable to compete in the new global economic, scientific and political landscape such a transportation machine would enable.

That is how real wealth is created; by creating more value than anybody else that is out there. You do not create sustainable generational wealth without you making a significant leap in terms of technology, if creativity and invention is not embraced radically, we will remain on the back bench. The only true freedom comes from scientific knowledge and adequate technological advancement.

Many years ago, I saw the 1959 movie; Ben-Hur. In the movie, the protagonist gets sold into slavery and is assigned to rowing big ships across the ocean under terrible working conditions. The slaves were organised to row the boat according to any pattern specified based on what a drummer was playing.

If the engine was not invented for example, I imagine ships would still be driven by rows of slaves even today, rowing the ships day and night to the rhythm of the drum. Not a pleasant sight to imagine, but that is the truth.

I realise that slavery did not just end, it never actually ended, it has simply evolved into another form. It is the invention of better technology that abolished the need for much of human slavery. The engines perform much better at powering ships than human beings could ever do.

Nobody is ahead of the other by mistake, if anybody is ahead of you, understand that it is either because they know something you do not know or they are doing something you are not doing. You do not get the best ideas because of your nationality or skin colour, you can get the best ideas if you can learn how to be in tune with God.

It might seem far-fetched to think anybody with access to God’s wisdom can develop that wisdom and emerge with some technological tool, widget or product that is superior to anything out there, but it is not. We just need to realise the truth about the nature of wisdom and how we can package it in different forms for profit.

Technology exists in order to solve some problem or improve our productivity. At the root of all technology is some know-how, a step-by-step methodology to solve some problem and deliver consistent results. This is also the true nature of algorithms, they are simply steps designed to be followed one after the other. That is all there is to technology.

Today’s computers became a reality because it occurred to somebody that light bulbs going OFF and ON, appeared to be thinking. From that insight, they developed digital circuits and the information theory. These are the foundations that evolved over the years into the modern, programmable computer.

Wisdom and knowledge is what will lead us to scientific breakthrough and technological inventions. Superior technology built out of unfamiliar scientific knowledge will dazzle the world and make them pay any price to get their hands on it. Which effectively leads to wealth transfer.

If you can discover a step-by-step methodology to solve a problem and deliver some exact result every single time. You would have discovered a key that could serve as the base for some new technological product.

To convert spiritual wisdom into workable technology, you start by fixing your mind upon a certain problem, seeking a step-by-step methodology by which you could solve the problem. It must be a specific and exacting knowledge. The next thing would be to find a way to test it out and by following through, you would have built out your idea.



CHAPTER THREE: Global Scale Inventions: In The Footsteps Of Noah

Noah is one of my favourite bible characters, he is one of those characters that I feel are not well understood and the scale of what they did is lost on us. At a Christian gathering, I once asked people to make a list of 5 biblical characters that did extra-ordinary feats of might and nobody included Noah on their list.

The usual suspects: Moses, David, Paul, Elijah, Samson and the others were well represented on the list. They are the heroes of old that we all want to emulate and I admit of course that they are great characters for us to understudy and imitate as much as possible, yet I believe that Noah’s accomplishment is on a scale much higher than all these ones.

We do not usually think much of Noah because as far as we are concerned, Noah is this old man that built a big boat, stocked it with diverse kinds of animals and waited out a flood. We just usually go: “Noah? He built an ark. FULL STOP”

What is the big deal with building an ark? More importantly, how does this story highlight creativity and inventiveness? Permit me to discuss with you in some detail how the story of Noah illustrates just how we can be creative and inventive, just as God created us to be.

Noah is a biblical character I have spent a lot of time to understudy. Ever since the word of God came to me about becoming an inventor, I started to study the Holy Bible to better understand what it has to say about creativity, science, technology and invention. I like Noah’s story because it highlights creativity and invention at a global scale – the level I want us (you and I) to operate at. I want us to follow in Noah’s steps.


How do you build a boat?

The story seems so simple and straightforward. In the Bible, God warns Noah, a righteous man, of an approaching flood. He instructs Noah to build the ark with his family and collect pairs of animals so they may survive the flood, which was meant to cleanse the Earth of all the workers of iniquity (and the giant Nephilites as well).

A flood was approaching and Noah was asked to build an Ark. This was an era wherein there was no rainfall, yet this weird old man had a premonition that it was going to rain and rain so bad that everybody and everything was going to drown. So, how exactly do you build a boat? Knowing that there is no room for failure. If the structural integrity of the system were to fail at any point in time, it could mean loss of lives.

How much of a challenge was it to build the ark?

Let us do some comparative analysis. If someone asked you to fry a couple of eggs, you probably would take on the challenge. Even if you have never fried an egg before, with a few phone calls to friends, you could learn all you needed to and then get the job done.

Let us say it was something more complicated like bake a cake and you have never baked a cake before, you might take longer to figure it out and then deliver the cake. You might not have any friend who has baked before, but you would certainly find thousands of experts happy to guide you through the whole bake-a-cake process.

Let us take this train of thought a little further. If someone asked you to bake a loaf of boybas bread for example. You would at first be puzzled as to the meaning of that, then you could later figure out that no such food currently exists. There are no boybas bread experts to consult, Google searches would turn up empty and you had to start from nothing.

You could excel at frying the egg, baking the cake because they have all been done before. They have readymade recipes for all kinds and manner of cakes. Perfected by hundreds of years of people practising it and improving it until it became so.

On the other hand, your quest to bake a loaf of boybas bread leads nowhere – it has never been done before, NOBODY knows how to bake a loaf of boybas bread. It is MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE.

If you are able to wrap your mind around the concepts I just shared, then you are now about to understand the magnitude of the challenge Noah faced.

When God asked Noah to build an ark, there was no rain and zero evidence that man was already a seafaring race. Which means there was no reference point, no manual, no library or knowledgebase for Noah to consult. Noah was building everything from scratch.

A flood was coming and he needed to build something that would float and survive the coming disaster. He wasn’t building the ark for a voyage or an expedition, he was simply building it to float and keep him and the elect alive to carry on the torch of the human race.

Noah had to learn how to unleash his creativity and inventiveness to build the ark even though he had no human expert guide or institutions to guide him.


The man called Noah

Noah, the tenth generation from Adam was described as a righteous man. The only righteous man left on earth during his days. His great-grandfather, Enoch had vanished from the face of the earth already after prophesying that judgement was coming upon the earth, by some accounts his grandfather, the popular Methuselah has been determined to be alive during that period and likely died within two weeks to within a few months of the flooding.

Noah was an ordinary man like me and you but one day he must have received some impartation of faith.  Nobody just does great things like that, something must have happened to him somewhere and somehow that made him ready for serious things. Noah was an ordinary man like you or me, then the word of God came unto him and that transformed him forever.

Noah was described as a preacher of righteousness during his days, even though he was ignored and sneered at. The world might not have accepted his message, but to his credit, he was able to lead his household in the way of the lord.

For the people of that era, it takes great faith to be able to believe the world would be destroyed by water when there had never even been any form of rainfall up till that point.


Inventing the Ark

We have established some background for our study of Noah, and now we can get into the depth of our discussion.

Noah’s Ark was a legit technological breakthrough for his era. The idea, blueprinting and the execution was completely flawless. The stakes were high and failure was never an option, yet somehow, this man managed to pull it off!

There is always a debate of how much technology was available to Noah during his times to build such a gigantic project, the answers are not fully known. However, we do know that men were already working with brass and iron, and making instruments of music and work already. As for duration of the project, it is unknown, but most scholars agree that it took Noah and his family a very long time to complete the project.

In modern times, men have gone on to replicate Noah’s ark in its exact form, including the devout Christian businessman Johan Huibers who invested over USD$5 Million in to the project. It took him four (4) years and it was completed in 2012. The ark works exactly as described in the Holy Bible.

In 2016, Ark Encounter, a theme park featuring an ark built to the same biblical scale, opened in Kentucky, U.S.A., but unlike Huibers’ boat, this one was not built to float – it’s a building. This “Kentucky” ark was rumoured to cost over three times the budget of Huibers’ boat to build. When we talk about men of wealth in the scriptures, we seldom consider Noah to be one of them. However, if the Ark project is costing millions of US dollars to build, that is a big deal.

Noah’s ark as explained in the scriptures is exact enough for men to build it out today. Which reveals something deeper about the whole project – Noah was scientific in his operations.

Science simply means “an exacting knowledge”. Exact, measured and can be consistently repeated. Noah had to completely discover the science and then completely develop the technology needed to get the job done.

Science is the bedrock of invention and technology. You cannot invent technology beyond the scope of your science. The reason we are yet to see some wild inventions like global instant-transportation or direct mind control of devices is because the science we need to do such “impossible acts” are yet to be discovered.

The things we have today, like global instant-communication, used to be impossible until men of science developed the science needed to make it possible. The kind of inventions I wish for you to develop are the kinds that men currently accept to be impossible. To make it possible, we must develop fresh science.

So, to make your mark as someone that is solving problems on a global scale, you will have to either find new applications for existing science or you would have to develop new science. Either ways, you cannot escape knowledge and science.

If you have ever gotten an idea for an invention and you were clueless as to where to start from, please understand that it is because you were lacking in the necessary pre-requisite knowledge (and the needed science).

Noah needed to figure out a lot of things! It is not as simple and straight forward as most people seem to think it is. Just because God is backing you up does not mean you can just build a boat and dump in some animals and food and expect everything to be in order.

A man like Noah must be really meticulous and pay attention to detail. Noah was a Scientist, Inventor, Engineer, Zoologist, Biologist, Geologist, Mathematician and Physicist rolled into one.

Noah needed to figure out the science of water. What was the nature of water? What made objects float on water? Using the insights he got, he could then start building out the technological marvel of his time – the Ark.

How did Noah know which animals he could keep together and the ones he should separate? What about waste management and other utilities that would be needed? My point is that Noah was not just some old, weird carpenter building a boat. The kind of logistical challenges such a gigantic project would pose is enough to make a feeble minded man snap and go crazy.

Most importantly, he did not just worship God and pray for things to get done like most Christians seem content to do nowadays. His mind was so powerful that God could use him to build the ark. He was not only a man of God, he was also a man of knowledge and science.

I know, from time immemorial, we have been taught that Noah built the ark by faith and he did, but just like Apostle Peter admonished us in his writings, to Noah’s faith, he added virtue, knowledge – loads and loads of knowledge. That was how Noah was actually able to convert spiritual capacity into physical reality.

If we follow the footsteps of Noah and use as a guide to better understand how ordinary, everyday people like you and I can tap into the creative power of God and build technological marvels here on earth, we will discover a couple of concepts.

Noah was a righteous man who enjoyed fellowshipping with the spirit of God. It was in the place of fellowship that he was able to discover the plans of God and understand what exactly he needed to do.

There is a place of spiritual accuracy in the story also. Noah was a very meticulous man, he was very detailed, and he did not just perceive that he needed to build a large boat, he knew the exact dimensions of what it needed to be. This is not a small feat! Thousands of years later, using the same dimensions recorded in the scriptures, the exact Noah’s ark has been replicated over and over again.

I do not think God is interested primarily in people who just discover. God wants us to apply the insights he gives us. Noah understood this and so, he acted upon the insights he had and built out the ark.

The number of years he spent gathering the resources he needed and building out the project does not negate the miraculous nature of what he was building. We have been fed the impression that miracles happen overnight, all you need is a touch and all the problems will fade away. That is not always true.

I argue that Christians used to be industrious, inventive and excellent. Then “miracles” happened and folks abused the word of Faith. The excesses of prosperity messages and sin conscious messages seem to have rendered the church-force null and void.

Noah’s ark is a miracle and the first major human invention recorded in the Holy Bible. A true testimony to what can happen when a man allows his mind to be influenced completely by the spirit of God. This also shows us a sample of what we can also do if we follow in his footsteps.

We can conceive and build out inventions that can solve global problems for mankind in our own days. A greater than Noah is here.



CHAPTER FOUR: Bezalel – Master of Technology

In the book of Exodus, we are introduced to a very fascinating character – Bezalel. Moses, the Man of God came forward to make a public declaration that Bezalel had been specially chosen by God for an assignment. The nature of the assignment was odd. Quite odd.

“Then Moses told the people of Israel, “The Lord has specifically chosen Bezalel son of Uri, grandson of Hur, of the tribe of Judah. The Lord has filled Bezalel with the Spirit of God, giving him great wisdom, ability, and expertise in all kinds of crafts. He is a master craftsman, expert in working with gold, silver, and bronze. He is skilled in engraving and mounting gemstones and in carving wood. He is a master at every craft. And the Lord has given both him and Oholiab son of Ahisamach, of the tribe of Dan, the ability to teach their skills to others. The Lord has given them special skills as engravers, designers, embroiderers in blue, purple, and scarlet thread on fine linen cloth, and weavers. They excel as craftsmen and as designers.” Exodus 35:30-35 (NLT)

Normally, in Christian circles, when we talk about God’s calling and divine appointment upon someone’s life, it is always about what we call “five-fold” offices. This has been so preached in our churches over many centuries that today, anybody working in the Lord’s vineyard has to identify their calling among the five-fold or be branded an heretic.

Yet, in this passage, we are introduced to Bezalel, who had a special anointing, not to raise the dead or rain down fire upon God’s enemies, but rather a special empowerment to work with all forms of technology available in his days. He and his team also had the ability to teach the same skills to others.

The calling and purpose for his gifts clearly stated also. He was to build out all the artefacts and technology that would be needed going forward. God needed a man that could do that and he directly called Bezalel and released a special anointing upon the man that would get it done.

God called Moses, God called Bezalel too. Moses did not call Bezalel, God directly appointed Bezalel. Bezalel’s calling was as valid as the senior man’s calling, not inferior to each other, but vastly different from each other because the purpose of God for them was totally different.

I think there is a lot we can learn from this story, first of all, we need to be very explicit and state clearly that the reason he could even get such gifting and anointing in the first place is because God is the source of creativity, invention, knowledge and science. You cannot give what you do not have.

Certain people have convinced themselves that technology is evil and they would have nothing to do with it, and once they embrace that mind-set, they miss out on a key and fundamental nature of God – creativity and invention.

Moses and Bezalel had to work together as a team to fully implement the divine plan unfolding ahead of them. The Prophet had his own assignment to pray and fast and receive the laws from heaven. Bezalel had his own aspect of working out the things they needed to build in order to complete the assignment.

Whenever problems and challenges arise, God will send someone with a calling to handle it. The person will be equipped with whatever it takes to solve such problems. We need the power of God if we want to solve the problems of mankind.

There are diverse kinds of problems around the world today including spiritual darkness, poverty, disease and famine. Some of these problems will be solved through the ministry of the famous five-fold offices, some of them will be solved by people channelling God’s powers through other endeavours.

We need to realise that with all due respect, you do not send a Pastor when the problem at hand requires engineering prowess. Salvation is not the only thing God has to offer us, and it is not the only problem that God is interested in solving. So, it is very valid for someone to feel called to build, devise and invent solutions to chronic problems in our society.

You do not orchestrate an economic turnaround in a third world country by simply holding national prayer and fasting marathon events. In ancient Egypt, after Joseph had divined the coming economic opportunity and recession, they went on to devise and implement a formidable fourteen (14) year economic plan that worked beautifully well.

Having gifts (faculties, talents, qualities) that differ according to the grace given us, let us use them: to those whose gift is invention, let them invent according to the proportion of their faith. Many of the inventors I studied attributed their often odd, unique insights to divine inspiration.

Sir Isaac Newton, was a seventeenth century English mathematician, physicist, and astronomer (actually described in his own day as a “natural philosopher”) who is widely recognised as one of the most influential scientists of all time, and a key figure in the scientific revolution. I think we can consider God to have worked wonders and miracles through Sir Isaac Newton’s work which resulted in things like, developing the theory of gravity, the laws of motion (which became the basis for physics), a new type of mathematics called calculus, and made breakthroughs in the area of optics such as the reflecting telescope.

He developed a gift for discovery unlike any other, it simply dawned on him that the same force that acted upon an apple; causing it to drop when ripe was also responsible for keeping the moon and planets in orbit. That simple insight led to so many breakthroughs and took our civilisation to the next level.

Isaac Newton also wrote a number of Christian books, because beyond maths and physics, he was also a theologian.

Nikola Tesla, another larger-than-life inventor wrote in his autobiography; “My Inventions” that “The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power. My Mother had taught me to seek all truth in the Bible”.

These men and women, just like Bezalel, were ordinary people unto whom God’s word came and then they were moved towards applying their creativity and inventiveness towards discovery of new knowledge that could be applied towards making the world a better place.

I certainly hope to convince you that creativity and invention is of God and that anybody – even you can tap into that aspect of divinity. It is who you are! You just need to accept it, and begin to take your first baby steps in walking in this reality that you have access to the same creative Core that so many creators and inventors have spoken about.

We are looking for new masters of technology, someone that will wait upon God to discover what is next, and develop their mind and capacity enough to build it. I believe you might just be the person we have been waiting for.



CHAPTER FIVE: Songs, Poems, Books Or Engines Of Work?

Creativity and inventions are spiritual pursuits. This implies that these things could be immaterial, intangible or imperceptible, therefore, in order to produce any tangible value or profit, there must be a channel or avenue for the expression of the creativity within. There must be a physical medium through which your creativity and inventiveness are expressed.

Every human being possesses some creative energy that is dissipated every single day. This innate creative energy is expressed in various forms and the means of expression will largely depend on the individual.

In order to explain this concept, let us now examine three different biblical characters and the mode of expression of their creativity and inventiveness. I wish to begin with the records of King Solomon’s prosperity and wisdom as documented in the biblical book of 1 Kings 4: 29 – 34:

“And God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding exceeding much, and largeness of heart, even as the sand that is on the sea shore. And Solomon’s wisdom excelled the wisdom of all the children of the east country, and all the wisdom of Egypt. For he was wiser than all men; than Ethan the Ezrahite, and Heman, and Chalcol, and Darda, the sons of Mahol: and his fame was in all nations round about. And he spake three thousand proverbs: and his songs were a thousand and five. And he spake of trees, from the cedar tree that is in Lebanon even unto the hyssop that springeth out of the wall: he spake also of beasts, and of fowl, and of creeping things, and of fishes. And there came of all people to hear the wisdom of Solomon, from all kings of the earth, which had heard of his wisdom”. 1 Kings 4:29-34 (KJV)

King Solomon was recorded to be wise and very knowledgeable, they reported that his wisdom was the highest and greatest in his days, his knowledge was as vast as the sands of the seashore.

As I read that portion of the scripture, I muttered a quiet enquiry under my breath: “where are his inventions?” I demanded to know. King Solomon might have 3,000 proverbs and 1,005 songs recorded to his name, but I want to believe that he was able to channel his creativity and inventiveness to much more than that. I cannot shake off the feeling that he might have invented some cunning device or so.

King David, who happens to be King Solomon’s father, seemed to imply that he invented a musical instrument if you consider 1 Chronicles 23: 5. This is not such a surprise when you consider the fact that King David is nearly synonymous with singing praises and dancing unto the Lord.

We also have some info about King Uzziah (his life and tragic end are duly documented in 2 Chronicles 26), he was said to have gotten some inventors (also rendered in various translations as engineers, cunning men or experts) to build some weapons for his army as he waged wars against his enemies.

We have three different kings and three different dimensions of application of their creativity and inventiveness. All the proverbs, songs and all the acts of King Solomon simply flowed out of his creative and inventive spirit. I am convinced he did so much more with his wisdom and knowledge beyond what was documented.

This is because I know for a fact that God doesn’t just grant us knowledge for knowledge sake. Knowledge is in itself useless, unless it is been spontaneously applied simultaneously to solve problems in the society. If you consider yourself knowledgeable and cannot identify areas you can apply the knowledge, then that knowledge is useless.

It is not about what you know or the capacity you have developed, it is also about what you are able to make of it. There are many ways by which we can express our creativity and invention. You can write a song, compose a new poem, write a book or develop “engines of work”. When I say engines of work, in my mind, I am also thinking of software, apps, widgets or gadgets that help us increase our work output and productivity.

The above is not by any means an exhaustive list of every available means of expression of creativity or inventiveness. Things like writing a movie script or inventing a recipe for a new kind of food (or even perfecting an already existing recipe) all belong on the list as well.

Two things you need to understand: everybody already has some creative energy, and it is already been expressed physically every single day.


Expressions And Suppressions Of Your Creativity And Inventiveness

You might not be feeling inventive, and while I have been asserting throughout this discourse that you do possess inventive powers already and have access to an immense source of creativity and inventiveness, you might still have some trouble believing it. The problem is that we have been blinded to this aspect of our existence for too long.

What is closer to the truth is that whether you are composing songs or poems or writing a movie script or building some new engine, you are been inventive. Which means that:

If you have ever composed a song or poem, you were been creative and inventive.

If you have ever thought you could tweak a movie you saw and make the plot work better, you were been creative and inventive.

If you have ever thought about writing a book of any kind, it was your creative and inventive powers at work.

If you have ever taken an idea from a different field and tweaked it a bit to fit into your own situation, you were been creative.

If you have ever used some gadget to perform a different function from what it was initially designed for, that is creativity. All your attempts to “improvise” are expressions of creativity and inventiveness.

If you have ever thought about how you could improve some food recipe, playing around with the normal and established recipe a bit, that is creativity and inventiveness.

You can never completely use up your creativity and inventiveness, in fact, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. The first time you execute a task, you might perform badly or poorly, but if you commit to the rigours of excellence and continuous improvement, you find yourself becoming really proficient in that task.

The real reason you might not readily accept or identify your creative and inventive powers are because you have likely been scammed, bullied or even educated out of it. All those times you were commanded to shut up and comply with existing rules, something was suppressed within you and eventually died out. All those times you were told that you were not good enough, you suppressed it some more.

Your creative senses have been dulled and now in need of a wake-up call. I genuinely hope this book provides that wake-up call for you.

“The creative adult is the child who survived after the world tried killing them, making them grown up. The creative adult is the child who survived the blandness of schooling, the unhelpful words of bad teachers, and the nay-saying ways of the world. The creative adult is in essence simply that, a child.” – Julian F. Fleron

Another reason why your true creative and inventive nature might have been suppressed is because of corruption. When we are bogged down by moral decay, rottenness, lust and greed, we lose out on our original inventive nature. If you are primarily driven by greed and lust, it is hard for you to truly become creative.

It is a well-known fact that greed kills true art. Inventors and true Creatives are marked out by love, honesty and integrity; they are visionary and passionate people who seemingly can do no wrong.

When we negate the effects of all the above mentioned—inferiority complex, corruption of the human soul, cumulative effects of many years of suppressing it—we find our creativity and inventiveness blossoming. It becomes a question of how do we express our creativity and inventiveness?

I know a lot of people have already been able to easily flex their creative and inventive muscles in the arena of music composition, fashion designing and poetry, but few dare to dig deeper within themselves to see how they could invent some new technique that could greatly improve some process they are already used to.

The big step is to embrace the fact that you are creative and that God can seed the gem of an idea into your mind. When you embrace that fact, a new kind of awareness radiates from your innermost being and there will be a new audacity of thought. Such audacity could be fuelled by the knowledge that “whatsoever is born of God can overcome the world”, provided you have that kind of faith.

With much practise of expressing your creativity, you will teach your creativity and inventiveness to become more assertive and domineering in your daily walk. Expressions of your creativity soon becomes part and parcel of you.


Why Creative And Inventive Visions Die Unsung

Why do visions die out and never see the light of the day? Countless men have seen visions of some gadget, device, building or software they could build, but it never sees the light of the day. They possess inventive thoughts, but somehow, they are not able to transform those thoughts into reality.

I have already tried my best possible at this time to explain that anybody who can believe this message of creativity and invention can tap into their inventive nature, but then even if everybody believes these things, our manifestations will be different because of the amount of knowledge we have.

The operations of the Holy Ghost in your life is limited by the amount of information you have access to and that’s why Apostle Peter wrote to early Christians and advised that in addition to faith and virtue (power, capacity for work), they should add “knowledge” to it.

I have heard bible scholars argue that the word rendered as knowledge in that verse (The book of 2 Peter 1:5) would be more accurately rendered as science. Knowledge is general, science is more specific and defined.

So, what will determine whether you will invent songs, poems, books, new scientific theories, gadgets, devices, widgets, vehicles, planes or engines for work is the kind of knowledge and science you are feeding your mind with.

That is why anybody that is nursing some visionary pursuits must pray for wisdom, you must understand that the change you want to effect, the task you wish to complete will not happen by some magic, but rather through the application of certain principles that make things work.

If expressions of your creativity and inventiveness will find deep and vast applications, you must of a necessity understand the connection between divine visions, faith and true knowledge. You must understand that different forms of knowledge (arts, crafts, sciences etc.) originate from the same Almighty God. You must disabuse your mind of the religious thought that the Bible contains ALL of God’s knowledge; that religious thought is barbaric and very far from the true nature of knowledge.

You can express the same creative idea in different dimensions. You can express yourself with a poem or song. If you develop your mind further and hone your story-telling skills, perhaps your creative spirit would find expression with a movie.

If you submit to the rigours of training and imbibe the scientific method, you would have empowered yourself to think with a completely different framework – a framework that creates and analyses the world around you. And so, beyond inventing poems and stories, you could add a scientific theorem to your list. If you want to invent physical devices, engines or tools, you would need to seek out corresponding knowledge that would make that happen.

Becoming Creative, unleashing our inventions upon the world requires that we study, and constantly acquire information about our areas of study and work. Most creative people are also voracious readers. They consume an insane amount of information.

Lowell Wood, probably the most prolific inventor alive with 1,761 patents to his name (as of August 21, 2018), still reads a lot of books, especially scientific journals every day. He is around eighty years old and he broke Thomas Edison’s record number of patents in 2015. So, you want to be creative? Are you ready to invest quality time into developing your mind?

A creative spirit tethered to a mediocre mind cannot conceive any creative idea.

I believe that creative ideas automatically surface when you add knowledge, information and skills to a “correct” spirit. The quality of your mind is important. You want to ensure you read wide and be well informed on latest facts and information. Most innovation occurs when we import ideas from one profession or industry into another. Innovation occurs when ideas overlap; the more knowledge you have, the better.

You cannot just develop faith and virtue when you want to build out a vision, you must seek out knowledge and pursue science. You must feed your mind with knowledge so that you can better process the creative and inventive insights coming your way.


Excellence, If Not Now, When?

I have observed a growing set of people who say they are committed to excellence. Trying to achieve the best possible result every time. However, I also observed that even though they say they want excellence, the final result is not so impressive.

It then dawned on me that they might have excellence in their Spirit, but they lack the knowledge and patience to get it done.

They lack the knowledge to do it excellently.

They lack the patience to either learn how to do it excellently themselves or find really capable hands.

It does not matter how grand the ideas God planted inside your spirit are, if you lack the intellectual framework needed to work it out in the physical universe, it’s still useless. You end up building “a lizard”, even though the picture inside your spirit is “an alligator!”

When we receive ideas from on high, sometimes it requires us having to learn and learn and listen and listen before we can then really be ready to build. Noah could only finish building his ark after so many years.

Have you ever wondered what took him so long?

We however have to consider that if Noah didn’t allow the excellence inside his spirit to find complete expression, he would have built a boat, not an ark, and that would have meant he would have also perished with the others even though he had enough insights, ideas and concepts to survive.

I believe it took him so long because he probably did not have a large work team (who would believe him enough to work with him?) and also because he had to do it well, ensuring the physical ark was as excellent as the one he saw in his spirit.

Getting the idea is hard work if you are truly an original thinker. But you cannot stop there, you have to build the intellectual framework that can build it out excellently. Don’t let excellence just be on your lips only, get on the road, learn! Let the vision in your spirit match what you are building physically all the time.


Persistent Concentration

The reality is that we channel our creative energy every day, expressing it in different forms. Just that a lot of times, it is not concentrated enough to make an impact. If you will come up with a brilliant idea that is actually impactful, you must have that persistent concentration upon the things that actually matters.

Your energy will always follow your attention, if your attention is divided, your energy also becomes divided and you lose your ability to make an impact. If you must express your innate creativity and inventiveness, you should practise the habit of taking out time to think, ponder and meditate on issues.

You have to believe that if given sufficient time and resources, you can solve any problem. Indeed, there is no problem that can withstand a bombardment of thoughts. If you can concentrate and think about it, you can experience a breakthrough thought that would make all the difference.

The challenge here is that today’s world is also a very distracting world. The proliferation of digital platforms have made it possible to become constantly distracted, round the clock. When you team that up with our natural biological tendency to take the path of least resistance at all times, you realise why majority of the population might never focus enough to invent or explore their creativity. Our natural, undisciplined mind and body would prefer to scroll through some app’s newsfeed (or stories), rather than probe deeper into effective completion of some task.

Not because they do not have the spirit or energy that can invent, but because they are too distracted to birth anything new. You are not likely to come up with inventive ideas if you are distracted every fifteen minutes. These days, I have to physically lock up my smartphones in a cabinet or spare room while I work on my projects. It is just too distracting for me to get any serious work done.

Digital platforms like social media are a necessary evil, however, we must develop the necessary discipline and learn how to derive maximum value from those platforms. The gem that can seed an inventive idea in your mind can be slippery and things like that require persistent concentration. Once you permit your train of thought to be hijacked even for no more than five minutes, that moment is gone, and it adds up in the long run.

I since developed a simple social media policy: when someone makes a post that declares boldly that 1+1 = 15, I do not get into the comments to list out why the person might be wrong, I realise that is a grand waste of time and so, my policy is to say “okay” in my mind and move on. My comments won’t make them change their mind, neither will the ensuing argument. It all goes away in a few minutes when the next thing trends, the attention span is so short these days.

When you engage in such arguments, you will gain temporary satisfaction from the dopamine release that comes from being visible, but you have lost out on conserving your energy on tasks that deliver real value and pay-off in the long term. Within a thirty day cycle, you could have made anything from ten to fifty-five posts on your favourite social media platform OR you could have invested the same amount of attention and energy into things like writing some five to eleven chapters of that book you have always wanted to write.

When you get busy with serious things of life, you will lose the time, attention and energy you used to invest in things that had no long-term purpose or eternal value to you. I once counselled a young woman that wanted to embrace inventiveness to go on a three day silent retreat; no phone calls, no digital platforms, no TV or social media of any kind. That is how to train your mind to focus your creative energy enough in order to become more expressive of creativity and inventiveness.

So, right now, the word of God has come to you, God is not a respecter of person, these things can become a reality in your life. What is actually happening is that we are going to look deep into ourselves, CONCENTRATE and decide we want to do serious things with our innate creative powers.

I feel it is time to apply Divine Intelligence, unravel the mysteries of nature and build technological marvels unlike anything we’ve ever dreamt of. I am looking at a thousand inventions from our community and how we can totally transform and impact a thousand industries across the world. I think that if you can drive what God has put in your spirit, you can forever change the history of the world.



CHAPTER SIX: Man Like George Washington Carver

Whenever we share our message of creativity and invention, we usually face three major objections:

  1. They are not smart enough, invention is the domain of smart people.
  2. These ideas cannot work in our location (especially when I share it within my Nigerian circles)
  3. Lack of capital. The idea that you need to be “in money” before you can be creative.

And so, just like the biblical Moses, we are faced with a scenario that due to many years of hardship, failure and harsh economic conditions, people’s spirits have been crushed and disillusioned and it becomes VERY hard to convince folks that this message is real, quite actionable and practical.

Concerns about been smart enough or not been able to implement these ideas due to one handicap or the other are soon swept away by anchoring the discussions around faith in God. Spiritually alive people know intuitively that there are no Greeks, Jews, Nigerians, Americans or Chinese in spiritual things. Any man that comes to God can be accepted and when you get in tune with God, you get ready to channel his superior knowledge and creative energy.

The true life story of George Washington Carver (1860s – January 5, 1943) is a carefully selected case study that demonstrates what is possible when we embrace this message of creativity and invention. There have been various kinds of inventors from all walks of life, but I think George Washington Carver has the kind of background we can better relate with, and hopefully if he was able to succeed by tapping into the secret origin of creativity and inventions, maybe you can be convinced that you can succeed also.

George Washington Carver, despite been born into slavery and a time of great racism and discrimination, went on to become a world renowned agricultural scientist and inventor in his days.

For someone born as a slave, his life’s journey was filled with unsurmountable odds. Yet, by learning to dig into his innate ability to create and invent, he was able to find fame that extended beyond the black community. Even the whites had to acknowledge the talents, and abilities he demonstrated in his work.

By some accounts, this man invented over 300 products from the peanut and sweet potato. The peanut is more commonly known as the groundnut in my own part of the world (Nigeria). Someone sat down and developed more than 300 products from these crops. We are not talking about product concepts and hypothesis, we are talking REAL products.


George Washington Carver — From The Son Of A Slave To A Great American Scientist

In the early 1860s, a baby boy was born to a black slave woman living on a plantation in Missouri. The exact date and year of birth is unknown, the child was weak, and while still tiny, slave raiders attacked the farm and kidnapped the mother and child to sell further south. Moses Carver, the owner of the plantation, rode in chase of the raiders all the way to the state of Arkansas. Moses found the baby abandoned, but never caught up with the raiders to claim the mother.

The baby was allowed to live in the family house, and when old enough, because of his poor health was only expected to do light housework. For some time the child was given no name, but because of his characteristic of telling the truth Moses Carver called him George Washington. When slavery was abolished, his “owners” adopted him, raised him and his brother as their own children and gave him the family name Carver.

George Washington Carver was allowed to spend many hours each day doing whatever he liked. So Carver often wandered in the woods, watching the animals and fascinated by the plants and trees. Without anyone teaching him, he started sketching the plant life of the countryside, keeping a secret garden in the woods in which he collected and cultivated many unusual plants. Carver had a deep insight into plants, and he became known as the ‘plant doctor’ because of his ability to heal sick plants of pests and diseases. People sent sick plants to him from enormous distances for his help and guidance.

George Washington Carver would have been content to settle as an artist and musician, for he excelled at both, and enjoyed making paintings about nature but someone advised him to take to horticulture. Yielding to that advice is responsible for the way expressions of Carver’s creativity and inventiveness matured and blossomed beyond the arts and unto scientific breakthroughs.

He had a longing to learn and despite his limited options as a black man born into slavery, he had to find a way to get admitted into schools and also come up with the means to generate enough funds for his schooling. At this time, most schools turned down “coloured” people from their institutions.

He was able to finally get his Bachelor’s Degree in Science at Iowa State College. In 1896 he received his Master’s Degree, but Carver was more than a botanist or chemist. For nearly fifty years he was a professor of agriculture at Tuskegee Institute.

When he arrived at the Tuskegee Institute in 1897 with little salary, no equipment and in barren surroundings, he had no clue his life’s assignment was about to begin. Several accounts state that George Washington Carver mobilised his students to go through the trash and near-by woods to find scraps that could be salvaged for use in their laboratory.

George Washington Carver came from the poorest and dullest of backgrounds possible, but by application of wisdom to solve problems around the work output of people in his community, he enriched the local farmers and by extension, revitalised the economy of Southern America in the early twentieth century. You do not need to be “in money” before you can unleash your inventions, you just need a step-by-step application of wisdom.

I think George Washington Carver excelled because he was able to identify early on the true purpose of inventiveness; to solve problems of people. He was able to identify early on the problems he wanted to solve, and for whom he wanted to solve the problem for.

George Washington Carver was known during his lifetime as the “farmer’s best friend”. He was obsessed with improving the quality of results and the income the farmers were making from their farms. That was why he was able to become so massively successful.

One of the main crops in Southern America was cotton. However, growing cotton year after year can remove nutrients from the soil. Eventually, the cotton crop will grow weak. So, Carver taught his “clients” to use crop rotation. One year they would grow cotton, followed by other crops such as sweet potatoes and soybeans. By rotating the crops the soil stayed enriched.

Carver’s research and education into crop rotation helped the farmers of the south be more successful. It also helped to diversify the products that they produced.

The crop rotation was going on well, but other problems still held back the farmers. They had pest infestation that destroyed the yield every year, Carver once again discovered that the pest they were dealing with did not like peanuts (groundnuts) and so, he advised they switched to peanut farming.

The proposal was good for the farmers, but they weren’t so sure that they could make a good living off of peanuts. It was at this point that Carver began to come up with products that could be made from peanuts. The books report that he introduced hundreds of new peanut products including cooking oil, dyes for clothing, plastics, fuel for cars, and peanut butter. He attributed all the insights to divine inspiration.

Many of the products did not do well enough in the marketplace to be considered commercially successful, but I think this was due to limitations of Carver’s business acumen and not because the products were useless. How I wished he had half the business acumen of someone like Thomas Edison, another prolific inventor that was alive during that era.

Thomas Edison did offer Carver US$100, 000 a year for him to join forces with him, but Carver turned down the offer, he preferred to teach and train the poor farmers (for free) while working out of what he described as “God’s little laboratory”.

The reality is just that George Washington Carver was not interested in making money or even the fame. He was content with whatever he got from his teaching position as a University professor. Carver’s interest was mainly in developing the science and helping others, not in getting rich. He was a man that refused to patent most of his work because he considered his ideas as gifts from God. He thought they should be free to others.

George Washington Carver did not set out to become an inventor per se, he merely wanted to help. He developed discipline, tenacity and a passion to patiently work out problems in a systematic manner to apply his knowledge to solve problems for those farmers working with insights he considered to be freely given to him by God.


The Man That Talked With The Flowers…

George Washington Carver ‘s work was deeply anchored upon his conviction that God held the answers to all of life’s questions, and that the only requirement for obtaining these answers was a receptive ear. You did not need to be a genius, just listen to what God had to say and follow the same directives.

Carver said, “I love to think of nature as unlimited broadcasting stations, through which God speaks to us every day, every hour, and every moment”. Carver’s scientific discoveries originated from a rich inner life built upon a strong faith in divine powers.

His spirituality came not from participation in a particular church (as a black man growing up in racist America, he was actually locked out of the church! He could not congregate or attend church until later in life!), but from a deeply personal relationship to his God. “All my life,” he said, “I have risen regularly at four o’clock and have gone into the woods and talked with God. There he gives me my orders for the day. Alone there with things I love most, I gather specimens and study the great lessons Nature is so eager to teach us all. When people are still asleep, I hear God best and learn my plan.”

Circumstances forced Carver to discover one of the greatest secrets of great inventors: been alone. It is like when Nikola Tesla said “Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born.”

Carver also claimed to have spoken with the subjects of his scientific inquiry. He was always seen to have a flower in his buttonhole, and he explained that he talked with the flowers and they revealed their secrets to him. “How do I talk to a little flower? Through it I talk to the Infinite. And what is the Infinite? It is the silent, small force. It isn’t the outer physical contact. No, it isn’t that. The infinite is not confined in the visible world. It is not in the earthquake, the wind or the fire. It is that still small voice that calls up the fairies.”

The results of George Washington Carver’s work with the farmers of the South grew beyond anything he had expected. The results were visible; farm after farm used his methods. The soil changed and crop production increased, yet, he struggled to gain recognition from the scientific community in his days. His willingness to publicly discuss his inspired methods of research set him at odds with the scientific community.

Declaring that your breakthrough ideas and methods came from the place of prayer and meditation as opposed to the scientific method, and a rational, deductive methodology was not exactly what the world wanted to hear then. Not in the early twentieth century and definitely not today.

Carver did not deny the importance of rational thought, but regarded it as a means of confirming and illustrating truths obtained first through communion with God. Such openness regarding his methodology did not endear him to critics, and indeed a 1924 New York Times editorial claimed that he showed “a complete lack of the scientific spirit.” The Times went on to say that “real chemists” do not attribute their successes to inspiration, and warned that Carver would bring discredit to his race and to Tuskegee Institute.

George Washington Carver was vindicated at last and honoured beyond the expectations of most, because at the end, the ability to deliver real results is what matters. Remarkable souls like George Washington Carver are not always awarded the recognition they deserve, yet he received numerous accolades.

He served as nutritional adviser to Mahatma Gandhi, agricultural consultant to the Russian government, and massage therapist for the Iowa State football team. His paintings received honourable mention at Chicago’s 1893 World’s Fair, and the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts in London elected him a Fellow.

He was awarded the Spingarn Medal for Distinguished Service to Science and the Theodore Roosevelt Medal for outstanding contributions to agriculture. Two honorary doctor of science degrees also were bestowed upon him and he was awarded honorary membership in the American Inventors Society.

Popular Mechanics magazine selected him one of fifty outstanding Americans, and he was elected to the Hall of Fame for Great Americans. Variously referred to as the Peanut Man, the plant doctor, or the sage of Tuskegee, Carver counted Henry Ford among his closest friends. He was the first black man to get a national park, museum and monument built in his honour. The George Washington Carver National Monument remains open till today.

George Washington Carver attracted immense wealth to his country. Such is the power of creativity and inventiveness, one man’s brilliance can change the economic outlook of his community forever.

Jim Hardwick, talking about one of Carver’s lectures says, “One day he came to the town where I lived and gave an address on his discoveries of the peanut. I went to the lecture expecting to learn about science and came away knowing more about prayer than I had ever learned in the theological schools. And to cap the climax, when the old gentleman was leaving the hall he turned to me, where I stood transfixed and inspired, and said, “I want you to be one of my boys!”

But Jim Hardwick was white, and born from Southern parents, whose family had owned slaves. He says, “For a ‘nigger’ to assume the right of adopting me into his family – even his spiritual family, as in this case – was brazen effrontery to my pride. I recoiled from it.” It took Jim several days of wrestling with this inbuilt pride before this barrier fell away, and he shared the inner life of Dr Carver. To quote him again, when that happened, “instantly it seemed that his spirit filled that room… A peace entered me, and my problems fell away.”

The success on the farm continued until one year the harvest of peanuts and sweet potatoes was so big the market couldn’t absorb them. People couldn’t sell their crop. Shocked at this outcome of his work, and seeing the threat of a disaster, Carver went into his laboratory to pray. He didn’t ask for government aid, or demand people to stop planting.

George Washington Carver understood deeply that a man of science that could also tap into the faith-force was unstoppable and unlimited. The power of prayer is valid and it works in the laboratory.

Carver locked himself in his laboratory for several days and nights listening to his intuition and working to analyse the peanut. When he emerged he said God and he had solved the problem. From the peanut, and later the pecan-nut and sweet potato, Carver discovered how to extract, or synthesise, face powders, printers ink, peanut butter, shampoo, creosote, vinegar, dandruff-cure, instant coffee, dyes, rubberoid compound, soaps, wood stains, and hundreds of other uses.

The secret of this man’s incredible inventive genius came from the combination of these three things: love, selflessness and accepting responsibility for others.

“When I touch a flower, I am not merely touching that flower, I am touching infinity.” He also said, “You have to love it enough. Anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough. Not only have I found that when I talk to the little flower or to the peanut they will give up their secrets, but I have found that when I silently commune with people they give up their secrets also if you love them enough.”

– George Washington Carver


Will God Show You Secrets?

It is reported that George Washington Carver would begin each day with a prayer that God should reveal secrets to him about plants and vegetables. That prayer and heaven’s response launched him into a lifetime of discovery.

Secrets can be very valuable. Having some rare knowledge that very few or nobody else has access to can be empowering. The question is: will God show you secrets which can add tremendous value to others and benefit yourself too?

It takes a level of audacity to think about it! If you cannot develop enough faith to make some kind of prayers, you are not worthy of such secrets.

George Washington Carver was bold enough to ask for secrets from God, the Creator. And his life and work revolutionized the economy of his country when it was most needed.

We need more people that will follow the trail of George Washington Carver. People who will explore thousands of things we can do with readily available crops like Cassava, Maize, Cocoa, Cowpea, and all those crops we are currently under-utilising.

You do not need to be the smartest man alive, you only need to have developed your mind enough, so that you can better process the thoughts that will be imprinted upon your mind. This process does not depend on anything external, your location or skin colour is irrelevant, you simply need to focus and cultivate that state of mind.

Who will wait upon God to discover the thousands of other things we could do with Cassava that nobody is even thinking of doing right now? Diligently working out the invention one step at a time until maturity?

As soon as the inventions are created, you have to look for people that have the skillset you don’t have and collaborate in order to ensure that the products of your creativity and inventiveness reach their maximum potentials.

What set of people out there will you adopt as your own headache and obsess over their problems until they are able to overcome all their challenges and problems, so that they can increase their productivity and work output?

I have been teaching for many years now that people and problems are like Siamese twins. You cannot separate one from the other; anywhere, any community of people whether geographical or by interest, will have problems common to them. There is great opportunity in solving those problems.

You need to understand that making money is merely a reward for solving problems. If you want to become a billionaire, start thinking about how you can develop the solution to problems at the scale of billions.

I see some people attempting to channel their creativity and inventiveness through some grandiose project that is not grounded in reality, all in the hopes of getting fame and glory. I do not think things work that way. You do not invent things in a vacuum, you have to put yourself out there and ingeniously tackle real life problems that people know that they have.

This is one of the biggest lesson I learnt the hard way from my earlier “innovative” projects that failed to work because they were not solving real problems people knew they had. I wasted like five to eight years of my life on such grandiose projects. These days, I think I have learnt my lessons and I know better.

Hopefully, that will also be one of your takeaways from Carver’s story. We solve problems for people that is how we apply our creativity and inventiveness; in pursuit of solutions to problems we can see and identify.

When it comes to the balance between solving problems, unleashing your inventions and making money. I fully support and endorse making money. Making money is not the goal, and you must ensure your heart remains in the right place – making money is never our goal! The truth is that you will soon find out that if you wish to be able to continue to work and reach out to more people and make a bigger impact, you must learn how to handle the business aspect of things.

For all of Carver’s inventiveness and all round “good guy” branding, he was considered by certain reports to be a poor administrator and failed to commercialise his God-given ideas. If he had built out industries from his inventions (like people like Thomas Edison did), he would have left a greater legacy than he did. Carver was lucky in that he was unmarried all his life, never had biological children or dependencies and he always had his job, teaching at the University. I doubt if those circumstances would be same for most of the people who would be reading this.

You are not George Washington Carver.

Things might have played out much differently if Carver had a business partner, or a business team that could work with him to commercialise the inventions. We must be able to develop inventions and then build multi-billion dollar industries from them, which would be the ideal scenario.

We must be ready to collaborate with others that have strengths in our areas of weaknesses. God will never give a man everything that will be needed to complete a mission, he rather gives that person everything that person needs to complete his own part of the mission.

That is the reason I like preaching that we should learn to complete each other, rather than compete with each other. Our world is competition crazy. Any new idea that thrives is soon subject to copying by other players in that industry.

Every night, many Entrepreneurs cannot sleep as they ponder over what to do now that the big names in their sectors are shamelessly copying their USP and adding it to their offerings. The modern business landscape is such a brutal place, certainly not for the weak minded.

An alternative to all the competition is another approach which I call “Completing each other” or someone else says “Complementing each other”. It is not compulsory for us to compete every time.

There is no reason several companies in the same industry cannot share a common framework and leverage each other’s strength. This mind-set of me against the world will continue to kill us. Serious.

There are over seven billion people in the world, the odds that you can serve them all on your own is small, if we work together more often, we will reduce wastage and our overall output will increase.

To maximise our creativity and inventiveness, we must learn to surround ourselves with people that can effectively complement and complete us.

George Washington Carver transcended barriers of race, socioeconomic status, geographical and political squabbles, belief systems and ego boundaries, and he capitalized on a deep, intimate relationship with his God. He was able to integrate his faith in God and science completely and unleash some great inventions upon the earth.


CHAPTER SEVEN: Your Invitation…

I can surely understand if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all I have shared with you so far.

The ideas, suggestions, hypothesis and conclusions I have laid out in this brief discourse are things that took me over five years to discover from thousands of hours of fellowship, study and meditation. I wish I had a book like this when I got started and so, I hope that rather than feel overwhelmed, you see this for what it really is – as a shortcut.

I purposely decided to name this final section of our discourse, “your invitation” as opposed to “conclusion” or something along those lines.

I have tried my best possible at this time to convince you that creativity and inventiveness have their roots in the spirit.

I have tried my best possible at this time to convince you that if God created you in his own image and likeness, then you can also exhibit his creativity.

I have also tried to highlight men from the biblical era and from our own times that have achieved these same things.

So, this is your invitation to get on-board the invention train.

I perceive that in my generation, we will see a lot of scientific and technological marvels developed by mere men like you and me, especially from places nobody is paying attention to, like third world countries for example or the black race. You have the option of watching it happen or if you respond to my invitation right now, you could become a principal player in the revolution coming.

This is your invitation to renounce mediocrity and destroy that “let-us-just-get-by” mind-set, break the chains of low expectation and embrace invention, fuelled by an excellent spirit. Only the best is good enough for God; only the best should be good enough for you too.

This is your invitation to join our movement and let us stick together, brainstorm together, and learn together how we can unleash our inventions upon the physical universe.

Here are three (3) things I want you to do now:

  1. Commit to a second reading of this book, you can do so in a week or two. I do not think you can fully grasp the message of this book at the first reading, I advise you read it a second time. I can easily see a need for some to read the book at least seven (7) times before they can really unlock the message it is propagating.
  2. Join our community where we are learning about inventions and inventors. You can CLICK HERE
  3. You have my permission (and blessing) to share this and pass it along for free to anyone you like, as long as you make no changes or edits to its contents or this digital format and YOU ARE NOT SELLING IT. In fact, I’d love it if you’d share with lots and lots of people. The right to bind this and sell it as a book, however, is strictly reserved.



Appendix A

The following is an extract from the Advanced Bible Course: Studies In The Deeper Life by E.W. Kenyon. The man, Essek William Kenyon (1867–1948) is well respected teacher of God’s word. He uncovered a lot and taught a lot of things that was simply ahead of his generation.

This is based on a recommendation from Rev Olufemi Louis Ogundare. The extract elucidates what everybody needs to know about the basics of invention.


THE LAW OF PROSPERITY by E. W. Kenyon (1867–1948)

GOD NEVER PLANNED that we should live in poverty, either physical, mental or spiritual. He made Israel the head of the nations financially. When we go into partnership with Him, and we learn His way of doing business, we cannot be failures. Failures are not God-made. God never made a weakling or an inefficient man. He is purely a human product. 2 Corinthians 6:1, “And working together with Him we entreat also that ye receive not the grace of God in vain.” Few have ever taken advantage of this invitation and statement of fact. We are laborers with Him. We are partners with Him in carrying out His dream for the world.

1 Corinthians 3:9, “For we are God’s fellow workers: ye are God’s husbandry, God’s building.” The marginal rendering says, “Ye are God’s tilled land.” Notice that this is a threefold statement: First, you are God’s fellow workers. He has called you to labor with Him; so whatever your work is, as long as you are in His will, He is a partner with you. You can’t be a failure, for His wisdom is your wisdom; His ability in every department of life is your ability. All you need to do is to study the Word and get the knowledge that is imparted to you there. Then He will give you the ability to use that knowledge to make your life a success.

You see, He created all the vegetable world, so He knows everything that is in those vegetables. There isn’t a single plant that He does not know about; and, we have reached a place in our chemistry where we need to know what is in those things. We know that woods that we have burned up have materials that can be made into planes and many other materials necessary to our advantage. Well, God is our fellow worker so there isn’t any limit to where we can go in chemistry. There isn’t any limit in biology, because we have the wisdom and ability of God; and God created the chemicals and minerals, the oils, and the gases. He knows what is in them and He knows how to change them and to bring what we need out of them.

We may not know it, but His ability is our ability; and we know this: that no country where the Bible has not gone has ever had a patent law. They do not need one, for they have never created anything. But we New Creation folks have the mind of Christ, and the ability of Christ. (2 Corinthians 2:16.) We are getting to know these things. Can’t you see now how we can become God’s fellow workers? We have been told that God would stand off at a distance and kind of order us around, but that isn’t true. He has made Himself one with us. Take Jesus’ illustration that we are all familiar with: “I am the Vine; and ye are the branches.” There is a oneness that cannot be challenged. The branch is just as much a part of the Vine as the Vine is a part of the branch, and the life flows into the branch and causes the branch to bear fruit.

The branch will be like the Vine now. As God has imparted to you His nature and His ability, that nature and ability will produce in you and through you the same kind of works that Jesus would do in our place. Jesus would know how to get the elements that we need out of the air, the vegetable world, or out of the water. We are laborers together with Him. We are fellow workers. He is interested in our progress and development. Then, if we will cultivate a close fellowship with Him, an intimacy, there is no limit to where we can go. 1 Corinthians 2:10-12, “But God revealed them through the Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God. For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in Him? Even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God. Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is of God; that we may know the things that are freely given to us of God.”

Now those things are not spiritual things altogether. They are also things connected with chemistry, with biology, with metallurgy. For the Spirit created matter; the Spirit created chemicals and minerals. Now the Spirit has come into you and has brought to you the life and nature of the Father God. He wants to take over your senses, those five channels to your brain – seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling and through these contacts with the earth, with physical things, He wants to unveil to you the treasures that He hid away in these natural things. You may seek His blessings, but as long as you refuse to cooperate with Him, He can’t bless you.

Notice that He said, “You are God’s tilled land.” The seed is not going to be sown, then, upon the rocky soil, nor the weed- and thorn-choked soil; but it is going to be sown in the heart that is responsive to the Spirit’s uplifting pull. You are going to let Him draw you out; you are going to let Him unveil Himself to you; then you are going to bear fruitage that will glorify Him. You are to be the hundredfold soil. Think what it would mean to us if we would let God freely use us, and I believe that we are going to let Him do it. You see, the natural man cannot understand the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him. (1 Cor. 2:14.)

It requires a recreated spirit to grasp the things of God, whether those things be in the mental, physical, or spiritual realm. I think we ought to turn for a moment to Romans 5:17 and notice Weymouth’s Translation: “For if through the transgression of one individual, death (spiritual death) made use of the one individual, Adam, to seize the sovereignty (here in the earth), all the more shall those who receive God’s overflowing grace and God’s Righteousness (in the New Birth) reign as kings in the realm of life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

You understand now, that the gift of grace means the gift of Eternal Life that was given to us when we were made New Creations, that is, when God’s nature was imparted to us. You cannot separate God’s nature from His ability, so when He imparted His nature to us, He expected that we would let that nature loose in us. It would then govern our entire intellectual processes, and our minds would be renewed in Him. Have you ever thought of that? Romans 8:29, “For whom He foreknew He also foreordained to be conformed to the image of His Son.” Colossians 3:10, “Seeing that you have put off the old man with his doing, and have put on the new man that is being renewed unto knowledge, that is, after the image of Him Who created him.”

Then Colossians 1:9, 10 tells us, “That ye may be filled with the exact knowledge of His will, in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, in order that ye may walk worthy of the Lord according to your understanding” (Literal translation). Now we can understand that we have not oily become partakers of the Divine Nature, but that Divine Nature can so absorb our intellectual processes that we have knowledge beyond anything that the natural senses can teach. We will have a knowledge greater than can be gained in any school or university. Natural processes cannot touch us, because God has become the source of a new type of knowledge.

Let me illustrate: A friend of mine had been very anxious to find a certain alloy that would react upon metals and produce a certain result. The metallurgical world had been searching for that alloy for two generations. Some of the big companies had spent millions of dollars in research. This friend is a very devout man. One day he was up in the Rockies prospecting, as he always does when he has a few days off; and he cried: “Lord, won’t You show me where that alloy is?” And a voice said, “It is in that rock.”

He took it for granted that it was the Lord and he said, “No, it isn’t in that rock.” The voice said again, “It is in that rock.”

He took it and put it in the smelter, but nothing came of it. However, as he kept trying, he discovered a secret. He put another metal with it, and, lo and behold, he discovered a new alloy. He discovered that that rock was eighty per cent a new alloy. How did he do it? His mind had become attuned to God’s mind. God could talk to him. After years of experimentation, he produced the metal that the world had been looking for. No one could believe it until they saw the demonstration. He had arrived because he walked with God. That is the secret.

Now, notice this scripture carefully: Romans 6:5 (Weymouth), “For since we have become one with Him by sharing in His death, we shall also become one with Him by sharing in His resurrection.” As you share in His resurrection, you share in the supernatural victory over death, over Satanic power, over everything that has held man in bondage throughout the ages. That resurrection meant a new kind of life-a resurrection life with a new kind of ability-resurrection ability. You are sharing this with Him as you let Him come into your life and share with you.

John 14:23, “If a man love Me he will keep My Word and the Father and I will love him, and we will come and make our home with him.” That is God sharing with you. That is God coming into your life, into your home, and becoming one with you. Do you think that He likes to live in a home of poverty and want, in a house that is not properly heated, where children are not properly fed or clothed? Never. The law of prosperity is discovered in His making Himself one with us, and in our identification with Him in our earth walk.

In that you will find the law that governs prosperity of the highest order. It is not the prosperity of the senses, which thinks that gold and political favor is prosperity. No, it is the ability to use the ability of God to help humanity. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son in order to help humanity back into prosperity and success. Now John 3:16 has a new meaning for you. You can say, “I share in His resurrection. I share in His ability, I share in His grace. I share in His love.”


What Is Prosperity?

Some say, “It is love. I am prosperous because I have a home of love. My children are love children. We live in a miniature heaven.” Yes, that is true; but hear what Jesus said in John 14:21, “He that loveth me shall be loved of my Father; and I will love him and will manifest myself unto him.” That is prosperity; that is success, to have the Father love you, and Jesus love you, and Jesus unveil Himself to you. He does not unveil Himself as a man only, nor does He unveil Himself as God only, but in blessing and saving and giving to the world a new vision of life. He manifests Himself as a successful self, a victorious self, unto you.

Let us go back for a moment to the Old Covenant. Malachi 3:10 tells us, “Bring ye the whole tithe into the storehouse that there may be food in My house, and prove Me now, herewith, saith the Lord of Hosts, if I will not open you the windows of Heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to contain it.” That is dollars and cents. That is grain. That is production in factories. That is a happy home. That is a victorious life. What have you done? You have brought one tenth of your income, whether it is grain or coal or wood or material or manufactured goods. You brought one tenth to the storehouse, and upon the nine tenths God began to pour out His blessings.

He told you how to buy and how to sell. He told you how to save and how to accumulate, He made you efficient in your home, in mending and cooking. He made you wise in your business world. His wisdom became your wisdom. His ability became your ability. His strength became your strength. His all-seeing eye was finding new prospects, new opportunities, new ways of doing things, short cuts here and short cuts there in production. You are a partner, now, with the Creator’s ability, and that ability is yours. 1 Corinthians 1:30. All these things are yours. Now you rest in quiet confidence for you have within you the ability of the God Who created the universe.

Now you can say with Paul, “I can do all things in Christ Who enables me.”

There is no power of Satan that can defeat you, for the Father has made you more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ.


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